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Panera Bread / front line service

Ki Apr 11, 2019 Review updated:

I visit this specific Panera almost daily. This is the first time I saw the associate whot was taking my order. It was very noisy and she kept asking me to repeat myself. In itself that wasn't an issue, but the way she acted was outlandish. She tried to stare me down and generally acted like she wanted to pick a fight with me. It was so ridiculous that I complained to the manager on duty, which is the first for me. This person needs some serious training so that she can understand - customer service is not pushing buttons on the register. It's making the customers feel welcomed. She can easily intimidate someone. I don't get easily intimidated, but I was absolutely taken aback by her odd, aggressive behavior over absolutely nothing. Not only does she not understand "diffusing a potential conflict", she clearly doesn't know what common courtesy means. I won't come back to this Panera again. I don't need to be in a bad mood in the middle of a busy day over an order of chicken soup. It is also obvious that this type of personality manifests itself easily during interviews and training. The fact that Panera placed her up front with this horrible attitude is a disservice to the restaurant and most importantly to its customers.

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