Panara Breadfood and cleanliness

Pu Oct 07, 2019

First of all, let me say that we will not be visiting your restaurant anymore mainly because you don't carry onion soup anymore. Your server told me it was not in season. ??? Whomever in the world decided onion soup was a seasonal item. It is the only one of your soups that I like so there is no reason to patronize you now.

Secondly, every time we go into the Heath, Ohio venue, the tables might be cleaned off but they are never washed off. Eating here just spreads bacteria from one person to another. Not my idea of a relaxing time.

Your prices are also getting rediculous. The last visit totalled $21.21. My husband had a pick 2 (1/2 of a sandwich and small bowl of soup). I had a rice bowl. We drank WATER. We can receive full meals for this price with salad, potato and entree (sometimes even steak), at other eating areas.

Wishing you good luck because I foresee your bancruptcy in the near future.


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