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7-15-2019.Order number 480. Sherie. I don't go for lunch there often. But, when I do I always ask for a mayo packet and a pickle. I was told pickles only come on the full sandwiches, but I always get a half. I know they are always busy, but my requests are not a big deal. And I have no problem paying for these items, if that is the case. But typically I can an attitude, or an ugly face (Which is unacceptable, especially if it is coming from a manager). I don't need anything free, I just want them to know.


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    Tom JEN Jul 15, 2019

    Did you seriously come on the internet, post a new complaint here, to give out about... a pickle?

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    TheManager Jul 15, 2019

    @Tom JEN Yes. Their life is incredibly tough. I started a prayer circle if you want to join.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019

    Did you offer to pay or was that an afterthought?

    It’s a pickle slice. Not the meat, cheese or mayo. Not the fries, drink or wrong bread. A freakin’ piece of pickle. Did your sandwich taste horrible due to no pickle? Did you throw it away due to no pickle? Did your life go bad due to no pickle?

    Alas, earthquake hits California, no power in NYC, but you didn’t get a slice of pickle.

    I’d sue them for lack of pickle.

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