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IN the social issues section sub cat human rights..there are a few people who open up rooms about paid nic names...they never have anyone in them but the admin and the room titles are vile!!! and break matter how many times we have gone to the help rooms...they may close the room but only for 5 other rooms to be opened!! these PPL r cyber bullies and their admin rights must be dealt with...they stalk and harass then when dotted in rooms do this...why would a paid nic name have to put up with this abuse and why would paltalk continue to let them do this...i have been a paid paltalk user since paltalk started but if this continues and nothing is done about i will stop buying a colored nic...i hope this is read by someone who will address this issue ..the section human rights needs to be looked a few times a day to see the rooms that are opened...thank u for your time...


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    cheri_54 May 15, 2019

    Melmac24 is a well known troll on Paltalk who consistently breaks the Terms of Service and has nobody to blame but herself as she is her own worst enemy. This women is a paranoid, narcissistic, sociopath that prays on anyone who enters the room and will even leave a room to don an admin hat to dot people for simply disagreeing with her depraved view of the world.
    Her hate speech can frequently be heard in the Humans Rights Section attacking Jews Christians Muslims Hindus and even Buddhists as she is a racist and has nothing better to do with her time. A recent example is melmac24 attacking a Jewish member of the public who had done absolutely nothing to her but she labelled the chatter as a "Polack" characterizing all Jews from that region as dumb and dirty.
    But her antisocial behavior doesn't end with the Jews she also hates and despises Muslims almost as much as she hates Christians continuously making all sorts of strange comments about chatters who she has never met and knows nothing about because she isolates herself to one particular hate speech room frequented by Islamophobes and individuals with a low IQ.
    There are not any rooms being opened up about any other chatters but due to melmac24 being non compos mentis she has made herself a target for other people who know they can educate and guide her on a number of various topics but this snow flake doesn't have the brains or intestinal fortitude to leave her safe place and have a debate.

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    cheri_54 May 15, 2019

    Yes I would have to agree with cheri_54 I used to like melmac24 but since her leg operation she is passive aggressive and anti social. Do not take anything that women says for granted because melmac24 is so conceited she would never believe she could be wrong or misleading. There was only ever a single room opened about her and she is now paranoid of every chatter who enters the room she doesn't recognize.

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    ashermillstone May 15, 2019

    I used to like Melmac24 to but she talks to much and fails to follow the discussion in a civil manner. We do not need her in Epics room all she does is insult and talks about herself like she is superior.

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    jasmynjas May 15, 2019

    Me too cheri_54 I was there and a witness to these events. Melmac24 is a horrible person and a fake a phony and a compulsive liar. I wouldn't eat a meal for Shabbat with her even if she was the only women left alive. Melmac24 is always playing the victim and she doesn't have the patience to sit and talk topics through without throwing racist comments at other chatters and other religious groups. Paltalk would be much better without characters like Melmac24.

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    B H Hunter Jun 16, 2019

    I am the true cheri_54 and I never wrote this. I can only safely assume that neither asher nor Jasmyn wrote their comments either. People with such fragile emotions should get off social media if they can't handle debate. Paltalk should ban the isps of all of the previous comments for impersonating other chatters. Thank you.

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    therealASHERMILLSTONE Jun 16, 2019

    I am the real Asher Millstone.

    The comments above were not made by myself, nor the real Cher_54 or the real JasmynJas.

    If one looks at the writing style, it is quite clear that all these 3 user IDs belong to the same troll.

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