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Hi I'm reaching out to y'all this evening because I didn't have such a good experience today at the palmetto State armory on woodruff road I had a gift card that my grandmother gave me at $200 on it I've had it for a few years I'm not sure how long but I checked it before I went in today and it still had 200 on it I went to get a pair of shoes hey dudes and a hat when they ring the gift card up he scratched off some of the numbers with a marker then put it in and it said I only had like $80 and some change we are talking about over $100 missing off of a gift card that I received from my grandmother that has recently passed. I checked it I would say 15 mins before I got to the store then I looked and around I would say for 10 min so from when I checked it 25 mins from arriving at the location on woodruff road I lost over a $100 dollars and to be honest I wouldn't have even reached out to y'all about it if it wouldn't have been for my grandmother giving it to me.

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