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8:59 am EDT

I had worked in this company for 4 months and believe me that was the bad time of my life. You have to ask company owner before leave also you have to work at least for 11 hours in a day. I can write the book for cons with a signature of ex employees.
The HR is really disgusting and the owner - Navneet, where to even begin about him. He is ignorant, doesn't know his work and scamming his clients.

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Atul Mickey Punj
, US
May 02, 2020 2:38 am EDT

1) They are cheaters, they know thousand of smart tricks to trap and cheat you. They give the joining letter with a different designation and will tell a different designation when they will call you for the joining. Even they don't care to give your joining letter. No company takes three months to provide an appointment letter to their employees.
2) They will take you to the trips without your consent. Even if you will refuse then also they will cut your salary, and then also if you refuse to go on the trip, they ask you to leave the company or they will terminate by themselves.
3) The company has the worst working environment, the place can make you depressed.
4)Worst management.
5) The CEO of the company has made his dictatorship on the employees.
6) No senior support.
7) Cheap people

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