Paddle Net Tweakbitunauthorised credit card charges

M Jul 03, 2019 Review updated:

I have just found two debits on my Business Credit Card Statement. 23rd March and 24th June 2019. Both amounts the same - £19.21.
on checking on line for who this Company is I discovered it is a clean up computer software. I have checked on my computer and we dont have any programs installed/downloaded under that name.
I have never requested this software and do not wish to pay for it. therefore can you please cancel my so called subscription and refund the two amount of £19.21


  • Jt
    jtorquato Sep 17, 2019

    My name is: José Torquato Ferreira,
    My email is: [email protected]

    I already made payment, but I didn't receive the download option.
    You hear a debit on my $ 29.95 credit card.
    In; 09/09/2019

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  • Ja
    Jacques Saint Paul Oct 04, 2019

    Pourriez-vous supprimer retiré ma carte de votre liste surtout que je n'ai rien commander chez-vous ou alors je porte
    tous a la police, pourriez vous me donnez la raison de ce retrait pour l'avenir la carte est supprimée

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  • My
    Myrlen Britt Oct 13, 2019

    I have been charged $34.93 by Paddle Tweakbit for virus cleaning but nothing has happened. Please refund my $34.93 to my account and cancel any order information in myname. thank you

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  • Sh
    Shawn Preus Jan 27, 2020

    I have just found another debits on my Credit Card Statement. I have phoned twice and got what you are billing me for cancelled and asked for a credit. Now I see the amounts keeps on getting debited. I never order a substitution as I have explain only a driver that did not work.
    Therefore can you cancel my so called subscription and refund the amounts of 46.52 X 3 months. as soon as possible.

    Shawn Preus

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  • Ju
    Justyna W Mar 10, 2020

    @Shawn Preus Hello gays,
    I have the same - unauthorised debit card charge. That was a new card and I have saved it's data only in Revolut application. Do you use a Revolut ??

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