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9/1/19 time: around 6:30-7:00pm
Sunday evening was my younger cousins birthday, she turned 14, so I decided to treat her to a dinner with my younger sister accompanying as well, she is 15. We received an excellent welcome into the restaurant, mind you this was the first time I had ever stepped foot into outback, the waitress attends us and there was no introduction which is why I don't know her name, but I can describe what she looks like. She was about 5'5 or under, brown pixie cut hair, and I'm not trying to be offensive in any way shape or form a curvier woman. The whole experience was terrible, she tossed the coasters at us, which isn't correct restaurant etiquette, she brought our drinks out and did not even provide us with straws. Due to it being a special occasion I did not want to cause a scene, as I am the type of person who would. I approached a male worker and politely asked if I could receive a different waitress due to her rude demeanor and I did not appreciate how I was being treated with minors. He was great! He let me know he would speak to his manager, and once he did, he let me know he had spoken to him/her. I had my cousin time how long it would take and 3 min and 30 sec had passed by; I'm a super impatient individual, I have always been my entire life. I spoke to my younger sister and cousin and asked if maybe they wanted to go elsewhere because it was my cousins birthday and I didn't want to receive this kind of unprofessionalism on such a special day. We eventually ended up deciding to dine elsewhere (we allowed the 3 min to pass because we didn't want to be rude back and leave once our food had arrived). I walked up to the same male who I had spoken to earlier and politely let him know that he could cancel the order because we were going to leave. Of course, my first thought being a minority was racism. But I had to retrace myself and think a little less close minded, perhaps she has personal issues at home, I don't know what the issue was. The only thing I do know is that this experience was extremely unprofessional, I myself have worked similar jobs for years and no matter what personal issues I've had, no matter what my ideals and beliefs are I've never taken it out on a customer/client ever. It was extremely unacceptable. I am the type of person to give second chances, not specifically that location, but I would definitely give a second chance in the area where I live. I wouldn't want anyone to lose a job, because personally I don't know what issues are going on in this persons life, but I do request more training. I would also like quicker response times as well.


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      Sep 03, 2019

    You admitted yourself you are a person who is super impatient and makes scenes. YOU are the problem. Not the waitress. And take your old, tattered race-card home with you, it has no value in the real world. Shame on your for setting a horrible example for your young relatives.

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