Outback Steakhouseproduct

C Nov 04, 2019

On Oct. 19, 2019 we went to the Outback for lunch with some family. We (husband & I ) ordered the special Stk. & Lobster had ordered this about 2 weeks previous and felt pretty comfortable to get another excellent meal when our meal arrived we had two very small sirloin stk. & no lobster brought it to the servers attention & she arrived shortly and slammed 2 lobster tails on the table. The stk. was smaller then a deck of cards by a lot and way overdone. One of the other members of our party ordered a Ceasar Salad with blue cheese and she couldn't find the blue cheese. This was a Saturday so I waited until Monday to call and asked to speak to the Manager (Nick Reese) when he came to the phone he said he was sorry about the mix-up but he couldn't do anything if we didn't complain at the time of service. I explained to him that we had guests at the table and was reluctant to make a complaint in front fo them. Mr Reese's attitude was so sad to bad. We will not be returning to this overpriced place of food again. This restaurant seems to have a long history of bad reviews on Yelp.

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