Outback Steakhousemeat

P Nov 25, 2019

On sun 11-24-2019 I took my wife to the steakhouse for her birthday at noon.
we were greeted ok and when we ordered our food the waitress did not write it down she just said she can remember it.
after 30 min my wife who ordered a Filet Mignon received a small steak.
she asked to see the manager who said that this is a Filet Mignon.
my wife has been eating this for 20 years and told the manager so.
he got very irate and told us that we were not welcome there.
We have never had a Manager EVER that Had a bad attitude with customers.
Also he was dressed in Jeans and a sweater.
and looks like he just woke up.
we will try another outback on the strip but this one we will not be returning too.

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