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9:27 pm EDT

OurTeenNetwork Liars and harassment

hello there is this boy named gabe who keeps harassing my friend chris on ourteenetwork and will not leave him alone he have asked him several times to and he will not can you please remove his account i will put a link to his account in here so you can see who it is thank you and have a nice day

that is his account profile please remove him he will not stop harassing my friend

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9:18 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

OurTeenNetwork The site is not working

I have tried to log in all day but every time I try to log into your website it sends me straight back to google. I am so very sorry to bother you about this but I just don't understand why it is not working. I actually just made my account yesterday and everything was working perfectly fine until today. I must say I actually quite enjoyed you site but, It is very inconvenient that this is occurring.

Whenever it is possible may you please respond back or just put the website back up please. It will be very much appreciated.


Desired outcome: I just wanna use the website without it taking me back to google.

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8:10 pm EDT

OurTeenNetwork OurTeenNetwork

so like-

ive been using it since 12 years old...And i can confirm, its just a place for adults to hit on you, like i had multiple incidents where i ran into people who were absolute creeps and started talking to me in an inappropriate manner, I really dont wanna keep my account, but i cant delete it, so please parents, do not let your kids use this disgusting site!

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Is OurTeenNetwork legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board's thorough examination reveals OurTeenNetwork as a legitimate entity with notable strengths. Despite a 0% resolution rate on customer complaints, which invites a closer look, OurTeenNetwork stands out for its commitment to quality and security. Clients considering OurTeenNetwork should delve into its customer service record to gauge compatibility with their expectations.

OurTeenNetwork earns 91% level of Trustworthiness

Perfect Trust Endorsement: OurTeenNetwork achives 91% ligitmacy per Complaints Board. Highly recommended, yet always stay vigilant.

A long registered date for can be seen as a positive aspect for OurTeenNetwork as it indicates a commitment to maintaining the website and its domain name for a long period of time. It also suggests that the company is organized and has taken steps to secure its online presence.

The age of OurTeenNetwork's domain suggests that they have had sufficient time to establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and services. This can provide reassurance to potential customers seeking quality products or services. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

A trust mark has been identified for a, but it is important to verify the trust mark and its source to ensure that it is legitimate. Ensure that the trust mark is genuine by clicking on it and verifying its authenticity through the issuing organization's website.

OurTeenNetwork's website appears to be focused on art and entertainment. While this can be a great source for finding creative inspiration, it's important to verify the legitimacy of the site and its content before investing time or money. However, it's important to take the time to research the site and verify its legitimacy before making any purchases or investments.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • While OurTeenNetwork has a high level of trust, our investigation has revealed that the company's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. As a result, only 0% of 10 complaints are resolved. The support team may have poor customer service skills, lack of training, or not be well-equipped to handle customer complaints.
  • OurTeenNetwork protects their ownership data, a common and legal practice. However, from our perspective, this lack of transparency can impede trust and accountability, which are essential for establishing a credible and respected business entity.
7:08 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

OurTeenNetwork Wanting to delete my account

It's annoying me so much how I'm not able to delete my account. I signed up for it to make friends but all I'm getting are horny men and I'm really uncomfortable with it. I'm 17 yrs old, I don't need this. Our teen network need to make a delete account option because I know there's other people in the same boat as me. I've also realised the platform is full of pedophiles, I asked for the name of one man and he said he was 37... THATS A 20 YEAR AGE GAP. If you think that's OK there's something seriously wrong with you

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Judy Contortion
, US
Feb 04, 2022 8:58 am EST

So For anyone interested to DELETE your account you NEED to EMAIL them and make them understand by being very angry or they might not respond to you at first

Judy Contortion
, US
Feb 03, 2022 12:54 pm EST

Hello, Im just like you im 17 and I keep getting weird messages from pedophiles and I want out! I don't see any way to delete that account I need help!

6:04 am EDT

OurTeenNetwork Fake account of me

hi someone has made an acc linked with my username on snapchat @tanyaaa457 and claimed it is me please remove the account I have gotten 100 adds

Desired outcome: I would please like you to delete the account made of me.

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5:13 am EDT

OurTeenNetwork Deleting account

I want to delete my accont but you can't

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6:10 pm EDT

OurTeenNetwork Cannot delete an account

How do I delete my account I really hate how many emails i'm getting and the site is a complete scam and it hardly functions and I want to delete it
Send me a link yo delete it please
The site is not safe for teens or anyone in fact. The majority are a bunch of pedophiles preying in children and the site has no security filtering. I am a 14 year old girl and this site makes me uncomfortable and I only signed up yesterday. I just want to delete my account. Please tell me how to do so

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Laila j
Illinois, US
Jan 01, 2021 9:35 pm EST

I'm trying to figure out the same thing...did you figure it out?

11:28 am EDT

OurTeenNetwork it's stupid pushes you to google

I have been on to this site ourteennetwork to find friends, but then when I write to some ppl on there I get kicked to Google, I have cleaned my cookies and data, but still they keep everything so that you can't log back in like they keep your ip address so that you can't make a new account on their site... I have wrote them and still they dont reply back, can't delete accounts that I have used, they need to fix their site and get those cookies off so that ppl can log back in and stop having tier site kick you to Google search site ... so mad

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9:06 am EST
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OurTeenNetwork - Bullies, bad attitude and moderators didn't solve these problems

I joined the website several months ago, but I was disappointed in it and deleted my account recently. I was shocked that moderators did nothing about bullies, bad attitude towards users and they ignored all requests and complaints. They did completely nothing, therefore I deleted my account. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

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10:33 am EDT
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OurTeenNetwork - It isn't safe place for teens

My daughter used the website and it was perfect place for the teens. But one day she told me that some unknown guys tried to ask for money from her. WTF? I told her to show this guy and it turned out that there were a lot of older guys and they tried to scam and fooled teens. I tried to complain, but the moderators ignored my...

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