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We lived there for more than 9 years. During the last two administrations the company that they contract to do the Water Billing is to irresponsible. High Bill (most of the case more than Electricity), Late Billing just with 3 days before due date, excessive and abusive Late Fee Charge. I remember when they started been our new water billing company they do not send a bill and administration and they expected we know that they are our new company and send a payment to where?? By the way everyone has a complaint from that company on or other complex that have the same water billing company, please send it to the consumer rights so they can stop them to the abuse of High Late Fee Charges, Billing Charge and they send the bill when they want it, Too High Bill.

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    ONe Point Technoligies is a scam, they are overcharging thier rates, to make money. They are deceving the apartments owners with their high costs that they are pocketing, We need to start a blog and put them out of business

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    Neil_atlanta Jun 10, 2011

    Neil Mcgrath
    850 piedmont av ne (the Dakota)
    Atlanta, GA30308
    One Point took over our water metering in January. As i recently changed jobs i have been traveling during the week and rarely at home. My first onePoint bill was more than 2x my old bill and hence i queried them as my usage should have gone down! They said they would look into it. Next month - same bill - exactly the same. I called them, spoke to a dumb girl, and she said they would call me back, never did. Next month same bill. Now the condo owners have just sent a guy to chnage the water meter, and found that the wiring is completely screwed. Hence the bills are all frauds. im guessing these guys are doing this all over the place!

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    Meng88 Mar 25, 2017

    @Neil_atlanta I agree, they should not be allowed to continue. I was billed twice this month for the same amount and I called them and was told that I was charged twice because they had automatic payment and I paid the bill that they sent me. It is weird they send a bill when there is automatic payment set up right? Anyway, the weird thing is that they refuse to refund the extra payment. They told me it will be added to next month payment. I asked them to delete my automatic payment. Don't know how it will be next month. I think it is like a scam company.

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    Not taking it anymore! Oct 21, 2011

    I absolutely hate OnePoint Technologies and I dislike the fact that I have no choice of vendor to use for my utility services. I live alone (w/dog) in a small one bedroom apartment and my statements are normally around $200.00 or more per month. Ridiculous!!! I know families who live in large houses who's utilities are not that high. I totally believe that OnePoint exaggerates their rates and their $30.00 late fee is robbery! In this economy people are struggling to make ends meet and to charge such a high fee, for even being just a day late, is criminal. The main reason I am moving from my apartment complex (The Overlook at Lindbergh in Buckhead) is because of OnePoint. Oh yeah, OnePoint also tags on a $17.00 service charge and a $20.00 valet trash service fee which you have no choice but to pay. I do not produce much trash, maybe once a week I put out a bag for pick-up, but it doesn't matter, you pay the same as a tenant who puts trash out for pickup everyday. I have made calls to complain about their rates and the customer service rep tells me that my water, sewer and electric bills look about average... compared to what?? The other tenants you are also overcharging for services? What BS!!! Stay clear of any property that uses OnePoint Technologies! I will never live anywhere that this company services.

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  • Lg
    LGCphoto Jan 11, 2012

    One Point Technologies is a SCAM. The change 3X's a normal water bill. I don't know if they are in some fraudulent agreement with the Apartment Complexes they service but I will never live anywhere that uses them again. Not only are their rates astronomically high, their services charges, late fees etc. are abusive. $15.00 late fees are INSANE. I didn't receive my bill from them one month and I ended up being a couple days late because I had to go online and find out when it was due, not only was I charged $15.00 but also and addition $3 to get it paid online. Ridiculous. They must be stopped.

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  • Sc
    scamradar Jan 25, 2012

    One Point as a company are a complete bunch of scam artists, I would LOVE for their accounting dept to tell people how much money they made in 2010 and 2011 in Late fees alone. I live in a great complex in Brookhaven and the one thing keeping me from staying here in One Point, the building management companies apply no pressure to One Point, there has been no progress in implementing an automatic payment system, and out of 20 residents I have spoken to at least 10 have said they are always late with their payments!! yes we know its something that needs to be done, but One Point knows very well how inconvienient it is and these late fees they apply are over the top, they give us no grace period, their customer service SUCKS! and where is all this money from late fees going??!!??
    I never recieved my bill from December and they charged me a late fee too, I spoke to their management and chewed them a new hole... they said "they are in the process of implementing an automatic payment system and their care security considerations which need to be addressed prior to this being implemented" whilst this is true, it still disgusts me that a company of this stature and size is allowed to scam its customers through such high charges.. and Im sorry but yes it is a SCAM!

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  • Da
    Daya.s Jan 31, 2012

    A-1 Technology is a fake company

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  • Ga
    GASparky47 Mar 15, 2012

    I got my Water/Sewer bill from One Point for the month of Febuary, or March, and I noticied on the bill that I am getting charged for Pest Control! I didn't ask for pest control. If I wanted pest control, I would have called a pest control company!

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    Archangelos85 Apr 11, 2012

    $16 for water usage and $60 for sewer charges???

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    thebullforever Apr 30, 2012

    Lived here for 2 years and my water bill was always consistent from month to month. They took over our complex in February. Every bill has been higher. Last bill I received was almost double my average bill from the previous company. They have added a "service fee" to the bill. I have no idea what that is but its $6 fee and it wasn't added in to any of the first few months bills. Plus the trash disposal fee has gone up from the first bill. Its like they figured out they were somehow losing money or not making what they thought they were going to so they're doing everything they can to rip us off and squeeze more money from us. As for late fees and charges to pay online. Pay via online checking. No late fees and no charges to pay the bill online.

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  • One Point Technologies is a total rip off. I have never heard of a ultility company that does not give you at least a 3 day grace period before they charge a late fee. The due date for my last bill was on a Sunday! Who has a billing system set up to have bills due on a Sunday?, which is not a business day. Of course, the payment will not be posted to my account on that due day because they are closed on Sundays, so, therefore, when they post it, it will be the next business day, which would be Monday. So, therefore, it's considered late, and they tag on a late fee of $30.00. If you pay the bill online, they charge an additional $2.95, which is nonsense. Charging me a fee to pay my bill. Something needs to be done about this company.

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  • Most of my past water bills range from $20-35, but this past month was $50! Ridiculous! And they said nothing changed. Here's the catch... I was gone 2-2.5 weeks last month. What is up with that?! When I am here all month long, my bill is closer to the $30 range... but I am gone for more than half a month and it ends up being $50?!?!?!?! This is absolute bull crap. Not to mention, Dan, the supervisor, was a complete pain in my butt! I normally don't curse, especially to people who are trying to "help", but this guy made me use every curse word in the English dictionary! I tried so hard not to lose my patience and be nice. Then he had the nerve to slam the phone and hang up on me! He was so rude when he called to "help" resolve my issue. What ever, he obviously didn't care about helping and his tone and choice of words made that obvious. He probably only called since it's his job. I am absolutely DISGUSTED and I hope my apartment complex changes the provider ASAP!

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  • I am currently living in a one bedroom apartment with my fiancee and son in Marietta, GA. Our bill has never been under $100, For the first two years the bill was about $130.00- $140.00 every month. In the past three months the bill was about $160.00. So we called One Point with our concerns and requested a technician to come out and check the meter. They said that we would have to ask our apt maintenance to come check the meter instead. What??? That sounds shady. Apartment maintenance came and of course, he didn't find any issues with the water heater. So we thought it was some changes that we could make with our water usage to bring the bill down. Obviously our changes didn't work because the bill we received today was for $184.00!
    I am not a fool and highly intuitive! One Point is a fraud and taking innocent, hard working people for a ride full of scam. My next step is to report them to the Better Business Bureau and I encourage everyone who is not happy with their service to do the same. A change has to come and the people who are struggling with their lack of care an concern and other life issues shouldn't have to put up with this type of service. It's time to bring them down!

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  • Qf
    qf1234 Aug 24, 2013

    One Point Technologies is outrageously expensive.
    As another reviewer pointed out the frustrating aspect of the situation is that tenants don't have a choice in selecting a provider.
    Pest control, High water and sewer bill and ridiculous $3.95 charges fro online payment regardless of whether the payment was made using a credit card or debit from a bank account.
    Wish I had known what I was getting myself into...

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  • Es
    esak55 Oct 02, 2015

    OnePoint Technologies charge twenty dollars late fee for two days and when the new apartment management replace their services in July/2015 with a new company they had my overpayment for over 3 months it’s now October 2 2015 and I’m still waiting for my overpayment. Since they haven’t return my overpayment in almost 4 months now shouldn’t I be allowed to charge them a late fee as well?
    Why does big company always get away with bad practice and consumers get the short end of the stick if their someone out there that provide some much needed answer please do so.
    Thanks for listen

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  • Ro
    Rob1616 Sep 06, 2016

    One of my problems seems to be the changing due dates of the bill. I've been paying my bill with a due date around the 25th of the month. July my due date according to their website and bill was due the 26th. However for August I get a notice from the leasing office that I was 11 days late with my water bill so when I spoke with the apt. management about the letter from them, it was explained that the bill was due on the 18th. I was expecting to pay on the 26th as the previous month but was told the due day was now around the 18th of the month. Some months it fell on the 25th, so why did they change the due dates? I'm being told it was always due on the 18th. So I'm sure I'll now have a $15.00 late charge when I get next month's bill. Even with these changing dates, one thing that really, really irks me is that with every bill is $5.00 service charge to have them send me a bill. Who heard of a company charging you a fee to send you a bill to tell you how much you owe them??? Oh yeah in addition to service charges come the service charge of $2.95 to due a check online and an even higher fee if you pay be credit card. I read from others about having a sewer charge nearly 3 times the charge for water, this always seems a case of 2 times to 3 times the water usage. I really think charging a customer a fee to tell them how much their bill is should be illegal!

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  • Pe
    Peach92 Sep 07, 2016

    It's never to late to fight this!! Even if you don't live there anymore. I am fighting this SAME issue with my neighbor's at 1016 Lofts. They are robbing us with hidden fees, different pay structures and higher rates than Ga Power and Ga Watershed charges. We must all unite together and fight this as there is power in numbers. The only way to get the attention is if we all file and you can simply make a claim at the link below. I can't urge you enough to make this claim and start fighting back for our rights as consumers!!

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  • An
    angry at thieves Jul 02, 2018

    One Point seems to charge whatever they want to at 1016 Lofts. The "usage" is always rounded up to a number ending in 00 or 50 or something that must be made up. I don't believe there is even a meter for my apartment that they actually read. When I am not in my apartment for half of the month, I get a higher bill than when I am home. Go figure. It certainly seems it is random, and that they charge whatever they want to. Also, I pay 3.00 or more a month for "Common Area Water." I have never been charged for such a thing before, anywhere in the United States. I also have never had an additional "Service Fee" added on to a bill that is already for SERVICE! Very fishy. Not a good feeling. Expensive, no matter how much water or electricity I conserve. They are a joke. Rip off artists, for sure.

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  • Re
    Redsox44344 Feb 21, 2020

    One Point charged me 17.3 cents per kWh at 1016 lofts last month. Ridiculous!

    This company is a scam.

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