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Service last night was bad. Husband food was wrong to a hr to come and try to fix it in which now he didnt want it because he had to go to work and couldnt wait. Waiter was good but everything was out of his control. Management act licke everything was no big deal in which it was. Charge for game in which another waitress put it on our table and act like it was us playing game. Smh

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      Mar 30, 2019

    Next time in English, please.

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  •   Mar 30, 2019

    I'm sorry, is Germany invading Poland right now?

    Seriously, this is a telegram.

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  •   Mar 30, 2019

    Why are you going to Olive Garden when your husband has to go to work soon after? This place is notorious for the long wait regards of the time of day or how full the restaurant is. They wanted to rectify the situation and you used your husband's need to get to work as an excuse to why that was unacceptable. That's your problem.

    This is your fault.

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  •   Mar 30, 2019

    If your husband was rushed, did he tell your server you were in a rush? They’d have rushed the order out to you. If it took an hour for your meal, then there was a huge crowd on Friday night or you ordered something unusual.

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