Olive Gardenservice at olive garden this evening

D Dec 08, 2019

Had the waitress from hell. Never smiled, acted like it was a pain to wait on us. Ordered unsweetened iced tea, I was served a flavored tea (I believe raspberry), asked for a replacement & she told me it was unsweetened. Grudgingly brought me a replacement that was not iced but hot tea. During the course of our meal she didn't bus our tables at all, got quite cluttered with 7 people, empty dishes, empty dishes & empty glasses. Manager walked by & told her to get the tables bussed. By the time our desserts were being served there were still dirty dishes cluttering the tables. When we first gave our orders my daughter ordered a fettuccini alfredo to go meal. By the time we were getting our coats on to leave we still did not get our meal to go. What the heck kind of training did she have, obviously not enough. Totally ridiculous & gross. Thx for nothing. Very sincerely, denise streitman.

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