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8:29 am EDT
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Olameter Inc. Trying to set up an interview

I received a text message and email from an Ateisha Ford 8 days ago to set up an interview, I have called the number she instructed me to and Olameter HR in order to reach her and I've received no type of return correspondence. This is very unprofessional in my opinion. Also, I received the email at 9:07pm and then the text message at 9:10pm. Also, unprofessional.

Desired outcome: Call me to set up my interview and/or some type of repercussion so that this does not happen in the future.

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5:02 pm EDT

Olameter Inc. Stay away

On March 6/2009 I was terminated from my job for falsification of company documents in the form of a time slip. Accu-Read did not work February 23 due to inclement weather. It was a snow day. Ken LNUnknown who works out of the Mattehes office here in NC was in the office I worked out of here in Charloltte NC the morning February 23rd. 2531 W.T Harris Blvd a Duke Energy Cite. To my understanding as relayed by our team uplead Sandye Gurly, He phoned her as he was preparing to fax the time slips to Unibar the corporate office of Accu-Read Meter Reading Services in Michigan in the coversation my time slip was not completed neighter was hers meaning Sandye Gurly. Ms. Gurly Gave Ken permission to complete both time slips. She does not have the authorioty to do so. It is against company policy and the law to tamper with another time slip. During the termination the are supervisor Terry Burch one who was given authorioty by corporate to carry out the termination absorb the entire conversation and her only reply was that I had no knowledge of how the time slips were completed but had to carry out corporate orders. At that point Mrs. Burch could have phoned corporate the next business day for an investigation. I was presented with the time slip in question and looked at the hand writing realizing it was not mine. This matter was being investigated and I knew nothing about it until the end of the work week and day March 6th. Corporate could have investigated this. I was out sick oneday the week Prior to the inncident. Ken had no way of knowing whether I worked or not but took upon himself to complete my time slip. The team uplead knew I was out and should have said I will call Miss Phillips and allow her to complete her own time Or just be compensated for the lack the next pay period. As a matter of fact, she should have signed her own time slip as well. Sandye and Ken both have there jobs today. I was denied my unemployement until the appeal hearing June 4th. After a 45 min wait the appeal began and ended without the representation of Unibar/Accu-Read Meter Reading Services. I was awarded my unemployemt June 4th. I also requested all documents involved. When the Adjudicator handed me the file for viewing before the hearing, I though surley the time slip would be there after all they terminated me for this cause. The time slip presented to me on March 6th was not avalailable. I also felt at that time this matter had been dicuseed before the reason for Unibar not appearing and the missing tie slip. I called the off several times before and after the appeal and no response. When asked why I was terminated, I am yet hearing falsification of company documents. I was not resposible for this termination. The hadwriting is consistant on the time slips Of Shante Phillips, Sandye Gurly and Ken Last name unknown I have suffered much damage. I am primary caregiver of my disabled 62 year old father. We have lost much and I am seeking compensation.

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7th Oasis
, US
Nov 15, 2018 1:33 am EST

treat your employees better
the future of your company depends on veteran meter readers
cut the favourtism out since you will lose your best employees
Seen it in Ontario, Canada already at several utilities i have helped and heard
the stories of abuse

, US
Apr 05, 2016 6:04 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Accu-read is contracted by our local gas company here in Oklahoma. They are the worst ever, they make 4-6 trips back in a matter of maybe 30 minutes (as if they don't quite know what they are doing) Then there is one particular reader who is the biggest jerk on earth. We have a senior dog and a the others age is under 2 years, they are not aggressive types (but do bark and jump when excited as most dogs do) I have a big chain link fence and my dogs have never got out (not fence jumpers) This reader last month was observed trying to stick his hands over the fence and poke at the dogs then this month he comes belly up to the fence, which is not necessary because that is what those scopes are for and he isn't at a huge distance from the meter, well he didn't like it that my dogs were there barking since he was after all touching MY fence/property so he sprays them with pepper spray! I went and took photos of my dogs swollen eyes and went to the fence, this wasn't a quick burst of spray as one would do if they actually were in fear of a dog but a calculated and planned spray as the top of the fence has been sprayed all the way down the length 1-2 feet. Now that takes a little time and not a common action of someone who is actually in fear of a dog. I know if I were scared I would not take the time to spray that big of an area and I would also step away from the fence. I also took photos of the oily residue all along my fence. I reported to local gas company, nothing! I sent a letter to Accu-read/olameter...nothing! I rarely use gas as my heat and water heater are both electric. If they keep messing with me I will just switch to all electric. They are unstable workers and an uncaring company!

Ra Morris
Cut Off, US
Feb 28, 2015 5:00 pm EST

My wife and I with my 3 year old child were going to get some ice cream on Saturday 02/28/2014. My wife asked why this little truck with yellow lights was riding so close to our bumper. I turned around, saw it was an accu- read truck.
We were already doing 50 in a 45 and this crazy driver passed us then had to slam on her breaks because there was no place to go.
I did get pics of the truck once she got in front of us.
Needs driving school for sure.
I'll call entergy to complain.

Montgomery, US
May 09, 2014 6:02 am EDT

From what I've experienced and read about this company, I am convinced there are some very shady, psychotic employees working for accu-read. When we had a new meter box put on our pole, Entergy connected the street light to our meter. When I called Entergy, they said they couldn't see a problem and that if they came out here to look, I would be charged a service fee on my bill. Next thing I know, a very rude, condescending hag shows up my door from accu-read with no name tag or ID number and threatens that my electric is in some other name and that if I didn't get this fixed within 24 hours, I would be disconnected. I called the electric co and explained, they said they don't see anything wrong and to have the woman call the manager I was speaking with. The next day, accu-read hag shows up and speaks to the Entergy manager from my phone and is asked not to disconnect my service, that they would send service out to look at it. When she hung up, the hag said she was still going to disconnect me and I asked her to leave my property. She parks her truck on the road and waits for some service guy she has called on her phone to come out and disconnect me. I call Entergy manager back and explain what she is doing, accu -read hag refuses to speak with her further and Entergy manager immediately dispatched another service truck to turn it back on within 2 hours. I'm thinking what in the heck is wrong with these people? I have two small children witnessing this hateful hag being rude. At that time I was going through medical problems and could not afford to hire an attorney. It turns out, Entergy made a mistake in hooking the electricity. Notice there is no website to register complaints for accu-read company ?

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