OJ Commerce — unethical behaviour

I called to ask about a couch and asked if it was in stock. I was told it was, so I placed the order on a Monday. My payment was deducted from my bank account right away. I called later that day to confirm the order and they said it would ship by no later than Thursday. Thursday comes around and I didn't receive a shipping notification so I called again on Friday. I was told my order needed an approval from the manager because they could not find a shipping service and that they would call me back and asked for my phone number. I never received a callback so I kept calling them. It was impossible to get a hold of someone. It seems like it is a very small company and they do not always answer the phone. Since I could not get a hold of them, I also tried emailing them. No one ever replied back. Then hours later I receive an email stating my order was cancelled. I then tried calling again through a different phone because I had a feeling maybe my number got blocked. Sure enough, when I called from a different number they answered right away! Customer service is rude and unprofessional! They claim to offer "free shipping". However, I am thinking that if they can't get a good deal on shipping they will cancel the order, which is what they did to me! They shouldn't take people's money before actually shipping the item!!! They took my money right away before they were completely sure that they could ship it out. It was just a really bad experience and a waste of time! Customer service is non-existent. It was a nightmare dealing with this company. Do not purchase through them!

Oct 11, 2019

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