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Off Lease Only Complaints & Reviews

Off Lease Only / mercedes 2012 door

Aug 06, 2019

About 3 years ago, my daughter purchased a Mercedes 2 door from off lease. At the time of the purchase the CarFax report was clean. However, 2 weeks ago she goes to trade it in for another car and was told by two dealerships that the car was in a car wreck and had frame damage. When she...

Off Lease Only / liars do not buy a car from this company

Apr 27, 2019

Do not purchase a vehicle from this company. I bought a 2017 car October 2017 w/3, 700 miles and was told anything that goes wrong w/the car it would still have the remaining manufacturer warranty. I was aware of an accident BUT was told it was under warranty so basically that was a no...

Off Lease Only / extended warranty is a rip off

Apr 08, 2019

I have purchased FIVE Jaguars through Off Lease Only and each time I purchased the extended warranty they recommended. I felt the warranty was important with these high-end cars where services can add up very quickly. It turns out, the warranty is nothing but a scam and I will not purchase...

Off Lease Only / car sold with undisclosed frame damage

Oct 11, 2018

Coincidentally both my neighbor and our family were sold undisclosed damaged BMW's from Off Lease Only Orlando that had known structural damage!!!My husband was sold a 2013 BMW 528 Xi for me to drive in November 2015. I have Power of Attorney to handle dealings with this vehicle. The car...

[Resolved] Off Lease Only / services

Jun 10, 2018

I apply online, right after I call the orlando location they tall me to come to the dealer that I was pre approved. I arrive at 11:01 am, I wait 40 min to see and drive the car, the sales person look in to my trade in, he say you will be ok, at 7:00pm they tall me that I have to bring min...

[Resolved] Off Lease Only / car sold with frame damage as clean/ wrong carfax report given at the time of purchase/ fraud

Apr 25, 2018

Off Lease OnlyWhen I purchased my vehicle at Off Lease Only Miami in August of 2015 I was provided with a carfax that stated the vehicle had only one previous owner and one accident with minor cosmetic damage. Flashing forward to 2018 I am now trying to sell my car. Not only have I already taken in my...

[Resolved] Off Lease Only / lexus rx 350

Dec 21, 2017

No more from off lease only! We bought a 2009 lexus rx350 in 2012 after owning a 2003 rx300 for about 6 years that we bought from se car agency that was certified pre-owned and trouble free. After one day of bringing the 2009 rx350 car home from their palm beach county location, we noticed...

[Resolved] Off Lease Only / buying a car

Sep 24, 2017

Went to buy a car and was the worst experience ever. They only had about 10 cars with a clean Carfax with no accidents in my price range below $16, 000. Found a car I liked waited for hours to get to finance and was told my interest rate would be 12% when I was already approved at other...

Offleaseonly West Palm Beach / sold my son an unsafe vehicle

Feb 16, 2017

Let me first start off by saying this is our 3rd car purchased from this company, but the first one from this location. We purchased 2 cars from the Miami location, a BMW 535i and a VW GTI and both cars were not only in great condition when we took delivery but it appears that all safety...

Off Lease Only / be careful what you get yourself into

Aug 22, 2015

I spent a week speaking with a sales person. I drove three hours with three other people to look at a camero. Only one of the three I looked at were in good shape. I wanted to purchase this car. After spending week a week of my time to drive up there they would not let me purchase a car... / toyota corrola

Aug 16, 2015

I've bought 2010 corolla and everything is fine had it for 6 months now and it stil running fine. They did tell me it was in an accident, and I can see the front bumper was changed. Had my mechanic check it and I've done the routine maintenance. I guess more people write about bad experiences then anything else.

Off Lease Only WPB / sold us a bmw disclosing accident - not frame damage

Aug 13, 2015

We bought a 2011 BMW 328i back in Feb 2014 at OffLeaseOnly West Palm Beach location. We spent countless hours reading through Carfax's and Descriptions to find a car with "minimum" damage as most of their cars have some type of accident. We ended up finding this BMW with low mileage...

Off Lease Only / never again

May 06, 2015

First off, we went there with an open mind, knowing that it would be an experience, got there at 330pm, with an idea of what we wanted- Test drove the cars and started with the paperwork. super cool that they provide burgers, hotdogs and water on Saturdays, however, not so cool that we...

Off Lease Only / fraud and bait and switch

Jul 21, 2014

Let's call this the Bait and Santander switch, shall we?! Firstly, if you want a devalued car with numerous accidents, structural damage, a Branded Title/Lemon... Or any number of problems that made them cheaper to buy at auction... Theoretically the cars that no one else wanted at...

Off Lease Only / bad cars and unprofessional seller

Apr 18, 2014

I decided to buy car from Off Lease Only. The company provided used cars and when I came to them, the agent showed many cars and he told me that all were in good condition. He lied and I bought severely damaged car, but it was seen. I drove for 4 days, and I already needed to repair it...

Off Lease Only / damaged vehicle, no disclosure

Oct 24, 2013

I purchased a vehicle from OFF LEASE ONLY with CASH in January 2011. We were told the vehicle was a prior lease and only had one "owner". Fast forward two years later and I decided to get the car appraised. I was shocked to learn that not only was the car bought at an auction, it had been...

Off Lease Only / false car fax report

Oct 07, 2013

We bought a 2010 mercedes ml from the place and the sales person along with the finance person showed us a car fax report on this vehicle that showed it was clear with no accidents!! We took the car to the real mercedes dealer for an overall inspection and they told us the car was from... / wrecked car


After reading all the reviews my husband decided to go foward with the purchase of a 2011 Sienna Le . His way of thinking was " Oh if the bussiness Bereau is giving this company a A- I am not going to believe in what I am reading on the internet and bla bla bla.. We went to the toyota... / lousy service


I bought a mazda 2007 cx7. I noticed a problem with it. Engine light came on then car would sputter at lights and wouldn't accelerate. Told manager, John about it the day (saturday) I signed for it. He said "don't worry about it" we'll take care of it and you have the...

Off Lease Only / buyers beware!!!


We purchased two vehichles less than a month ago from Off Lease Only. My husband had trouble with one of his tires after just a couple of weeks. He had to replace it with the spare that was on the truck because the proper tool was missing and he couldn't even get one from the Ford...

Off Lease Only / terrible experience!


I bought a car at Off lease only at the Forth worth location. Driving home was ok, I had to drive about 3 hours. Thank god I didnt stop no where. Let me tell you why. I drove up to the house and stopped in front of a garage, just to check the car out and get the stuff out. When I tried...

Off Lease Only / 2008 mazda tribute / 2009 nissan altima


On 07-29-11 I traded a 2003 Ford Escape for a 2008 Mazda Tribute. After several days I took the car for repairs. The Dealer agreed to pay for half of the work done. After making my first payment, the vehicle was taken to a Mazda Dealer for a quote on several issues. (Interior lighting...

Offlease Only / bait and switch


Hi. I was shopping around for a new car when I came across the variety of cars at "off lease auto" and saw that their prices were very low as well so I decided to give them a call. I was in the market to purchase a Nissan Murano and saw they had 10 listed on their website. I live almost 3...

Off Lease Only / stay far away


It's a Blessing we went elsewhere! STAY AWAY FROM OFFLEASE ONLY !!!My pregnant wife did some homework and found this dealer. She is due real soon and her lease is about to expire so Sunday, I took her and our 16 month old there to buy a R350 Mercedes she located on line. We were told...

Off Lease Only / be very careful what you sign...


I went to this deal expecting a pleasant experience & I had my own financing. Their method of handling simple business logistics is near crazy to chaos. Apparently the owner likes it that way as stated by a salesperson. On the sales slip in the car it stated a warranty but there...

Off Lease Only / do not buy a car from this dealer


Do not buy a car from this dealer! sells cars that are inferior. They are either fleet rental vehicles or cars that have been in an accident. Rentals are cars that have been abusively driven by many different people and have seen a rough service life. I took a chance and...

[Resolved] Off Lease Only / scam artist


What a bunch of rude dishonest scam artist that will lie and tell you anything to get your money! I almost wire transfered close to 30, 000! Thirty thousand dollars and paid for an auto transport and decided to hire an independent auto inspection company and boy am I glad I did!!! This car...

Offlease Only / stay far away from offlease only


Recently purchased a used car from Off Lease Only in Lake Worth, Fl, they now do business with and advertise their cars on their site, anyway my car was totalled xmas eve. by a drunk driver and liked their pricing and spotted a 2005 Mercury Montego Premier they had, took it...

Off Lease Only / it's a blessing we went elsewhere


It's a blessing we went elsewhere! Stay away from offlease only!!! My pregnant wife did some homework and found this dealer. She is due real soon and her lease is about to expire so sunday, I took her and our 16 month old there to buy a r350 mercedes she located on line. We were told we...

Off Lease Only / I would not recommend buying from them


Be very careful/cautious before purchasing from this dealership. Yes, these are luxurious cars at fabulous prices BUT follow the old wise tale, ”if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” I purchased my vehicle from here only 3 weeks ago since then I have had it in the...

Offleaseonly / bad dealer - worse attitude - no service


Bad cars — rude management! Do not buy a car from this dealer! Offleaseonly sells cars that are inferior; they are either fleet rental vehicles or cars that have been in an accident. Rentals are cars that have been abusively driven by many different people and have seen a rough service life...

Automobile Dealer /


Buyers beware!!! This dealer’s name, “offleaseonly”, certainly does not imply the type of vehicles they sell, which is anything but leased vehicles: automobiles that tend to be clean, one-owner, well maintained order to market vehicles priced well below other...

Offleaseonly / delivered a unsafe car


Stay away from this dealer!!! Save yourselves the aggravation -- these guys inspect no cars, they don't even have a facility to check them. I bought a vehicle from them and they swore to me it had been safety inspected. I drove it home and on the way home heard a horrible rumbling...

[Resolved] Offleaseonly / damage cars instead of a car


Dear sirs To my great disappointment when i... When to purchased a vehicle 2006 ford F150 super crew vin nr 1 ftrw12w56ka65162 from company offleaseonly located at 3531 lake worth rd palms spring florida, fl 33461 That this vehicle was sold to me after inspection of the vehicle and a...