NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]the manager of soundview houses do not want to do any repair.

Jan 10, 2020

Dear Sir & Madam:
My name is Tony Bobet resided at 1710 Seward Avenue, apartment#5-g, Bronx, New York City 10473. I want to file an complaint to Noelia Guardiola located at 1720 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York City 10473. She is the manager of New York City Housing Authority. She is not doing her job. My brother went to court on January 07, 2020. And, waited to repair of bathroom sink that is clogged. I am waiting for maintenances to repair the bathroom sink. My brother is going back to court to tell the Judge Diane E. Lutwak. In the Civil Court and Housing Court in Bronx, New York City Housing Authority. I will show proof of what happen repair that i received from Ms. Guardiola and the maintenance.

Below of this page show how New York City Housing Authority:

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]
NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA]

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