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Night Guard Security Complaints 2

12:24 pm EST

Night Guard Security Shortage of payment

I started working at night guard security on the 13th of september 2021, on the 27th i was retrenched due to financial cuts from the client. Month end of september my payment was short with few days. I contacted the manager and went to fill a pay query but till this day i havent receied my remaining balance. Its been three months being ignored by them.

Desired outcome: For my issue to be resolved and received my remaining balance

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8:03 pm EDT
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Night Guard Security Harassment by security company/ racist / premeditated attack

To whom it may concern

They made it look like they had intel on me ...Wow

Because i am a south african coloured
White security men attacked me at my residence
They say because i am praying for people
They say i robbed mtn ( they didnt mean it they just pulled out their guns at my door as they would do for any suspect that has been living in the complex for over three years, that is coloured, that is carrying two bags coming from the gym)

Because i had two bags that i was carrying they accused me of robbing mtn store today in dainfern square (Im in shock i had no idea that there was a robbery in the centre today)
When the police came they said mtn was robbed yesterday
{well i must warn people if you coloured carrying a bag in south africa (Or two bags) you are a suspect.

They did not call the police they came with guns to my residence with guns to my place like planned assassins
They came late at night when there was no witnesses around. They had cameras pointing at me

1.We have footage of you carrying two bags in the mall
(Really i am in the gym twice a day at virgin active and im at the office at regus)
Everybody sees me i many know my routine for months and in some cases years.
2.There are about twelve of them with cameras filming everything wow
A whole white crew of racist white men calling me names while they interogating me.

3. Eventually i give in after a long period of abuse from these security men who are now doing police work, which they denied when i called the police to lay charges against them.

4. This is in direct result of me complaining about the current estate manager i have written numerous complaints to the esatae management about the abusive estate manager and these complaints have been treated very poorly and in some cases not even with any real engagement.
(The weirdest thing is all these people are white im so shocked by the racist way in which its been done you will not believe this)
I my self am an afrikaner by birth ( one who is born speaking afrikaans as his mother tongue) i am a decent person living a decent life trying to get by by the grace of god this has been the worst shocker of my life. I have to help many people fight against these racist people, never, never, never must this ever happen to any person ever again.

There is no place to complain in these cases. Here is the description of the enemy:
1. They are all white owned and white managed.
2. They have guns
3. They owners of their own security company
4. They have money (By the calibre of cars they drive)
5. They all take body building supplements
6. They have no respect whatsoever
7. They know a bit of law and they can lie

They had no respect for my religious position. They mocked my ministry and my calling as a christian practising my faith. They spoke loud about in front of my neighbours to degrade me with no remorse or concideration. They had no sympathy. Even the police were amazed at how they conducted themselves and lied and tried to collude with each other. They had no
I am in shock my body is twitching after this incident.
Then they told me that i must leave their complex. Apparently they own the paddocks dainfern. Their exact words were hurry up and move out. This is the people i thought was the security company. Like gangsters or mafia.

He kept putting his hands on me like i was guilty of something
He kept touching me eventually i knelt down there were so many of them surrounding me but they were very cautious like they were trying to scare me by the book, sort of
Im sick to my gut

Im one of the good guys how can they do this
Im praying smiling greeting loving helping
Do my bit every day for the better life for the better for all

They have banned me from entering the mall where i work and gym daily they quoted some law that they have some jurisdiction to ban me from going to work in the morning. I cannot go to the gym they have banned me from going to gym or to work. After they came to loudly and rudely acost me at my residence they told me to speak softly while we were with the police i was infuriated by their oppression and started to scream at the top of my voice in defiance to their abuse of my human dignity and basic human right

I am prayerful person i am a born south african i have never been so degraded by white people yoyoyo i really thought that too many people are using the race card to get their way, i was wrong, therefore,  i formally apologise for all the things i said before may god forgive me, hey racism is rife. Hey these white people are beyond racist god help us, when my human dignity can be degraded by white people to such a degree. I have become a racist with immediate effect. The bible says forgive them for they know not what they do. This is different these demonic whites knew what they were doing there will no forgiveness, may god destroy them.

I am crying hhheeeellpppp they all came after me. I was kneeling on the ground while they tried to cover their tracks, they had cameras taking footage of me without my permission.

These people are animals

Forgive me lord i will never forgive these racist pigs
I have never been so belittled in my life by white people

I love god and am fultime in healing and prayer ministry.
I have come to the end of my road enough is enough.

I hate whites as of today, never ever again do i want to see or pray or hear anything from a white person. May god hear my cry hate them they are evil

May god set me free may i never see white people ever again

I hate whites after today they acursed in my books
There is no scripture that will change my mind they are evil
I also know that not all people are the same but this was an eye-opener


This company is at dainfern square in fourways north and several other centres in the area.

I am going to start a campaign with my people that we minister
1. Firstly no more white people in our ministry
2. We do not support the companies that are at these centres that are part of these companies portfolio
3. We and others will not be buying from pick and pay or woolies or steers or any of these companies ever again...Never ever

My new daily gospel will be do not go near these companies beware of these people we must protect others form these attacks these companies that do not respond to these attacks and try to cover it up and hope that it will go away this is the worst form of evil

Now they will comment that i am not behaving like i am supposed to according to their expectation. Wht kind of abuse is this when i do right i am attacked when i do wrong im attacked wow then let me fight back. I will fear no evil.

Now i have to fear a reprisal attack after this complaint

I will stand against this eveil even if i stand alone god will deliver me from these racist demonic bullies

Israel josiah nero

"the law of the spirit of life in christ jesus" romans 8:2

Spirit life awakening (South africa)
Mobile: +[protected]
Email: [protected]


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    Jun 13, 2024
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