New York Sports Club [NYSC]membership overcharge

H Sep 30, 2019

My boss was on a 3 month production project and joined a local NYSC Deer Park Long Island on Jan 2019 and cancelled his plan end of March 2019. They charged him a total of $104.98 for the 3 months which is much higher than the $29.99 contract he signed. Then they did not cancel his plan and now they want him to pay an additional $134 through a collector. What a waste of money and resources to try and screw people. My boss is thinking about a lawsuit at the moment. Here's the email the manager sent me.

Lemorocco, Christopher
Jun 12, 2019, 10:10 AM
to me

Good morning,
He is on a month to month membership so there is no contract. He owes for 3 months with a balance of $134.97 because 3 months of 29.99 could not process and he also has three $15 decline fees on there.
Chris Lemorocco| Deer Park General Manager
Office-(631) 242-4660 EXT 29320
Cell-(631) 487-2210

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