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New Home Construction review: Fix the problems you said you would fix

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The best advice I can give about Lennar in the Triangle area is to just stay as far away as possible from them. And if you put a deposit down, do whatever you can to get it back. I bought a house from them nearly 2 years ago in Holly Springs and the whole process was filled with out-right lies. I still have a list of items that they said would be fixed before closing, I have documentation that says they were fixed, it was all a bold face lie and I'm still waiting for them to get done. And some of the items are serious. It's so bad, I don't even feel safe in the very home I invested in. This is not a good way to live. Here a just a few examples:
* Basement is leaking. This means the foundation is messed up. They tried fixing it several times and evidently are now giving up. Lennar doesn't stand behind the very foundations that their homes sit on. This is a major mess. This is what I saw several months before closing and it's still leaking:!Al4wz1F7sopdtl6HTM3hmW_fE2oc?e=Co1onI
* Doors aren't straight and it's getting worse, walls seemed to be bowed, floor is creaking and it now the floor started popping. They tried to fix the creaks but that didn't work. And they already said fixing doors would likely make it worse. Clearly Lennar doesn't stand behind the framing of the house either.
* Yard has erosion problems. They said before closing that the "grass would soak it up." Not true.
* I've had problems with HVAC, plumbing and electric. I even had to replace light switches.
* Paint all over the outside siding. Looks like they spray painted on a windy day. They thought the rain would clean it off. It didn't. Power wash didn't work either.
* And there has been a long list of interior items, ranging from cracked stairs and railing, paint all over the stairs and railings, they plastered the ceiling after fixtures were in, paint on the fireplace.
I had the house inspected twice before closing and each time the inspector found items. This, by itself, isn't necessarily bad. But Lennar only fixed about half the items. And I have pictures to prove it. That was a waste of money.
I knew driving to closing that this was going to be a mistake, but like most people I would have been homeless if I didn't close. Don't get yourself in this same situation.

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