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Hacked by Dark Web, personal information exposed, now victim of identity theft
Credit monitoring services fro three different credit cards of which I subscribe all confirmed a data breach from Neteller and my personal information (name, address, date of birth, email address) is now on the Dark Web
There is no way to delete my information on the Neteller account unless I provide even more personal information to them.

Illegal withholding of funds

My netteler account was suddenly blocked following my attempts to load USD300 into my account. They sent me a mail as follows:

From: Neteller Member Security replied on Tue, 23 Oct 2018 13:28:33
Your NETELLER account has been temporarily disabled for security reasons.
Please submit an image(s) of the credit/debit card(s) ******31 that you have used to deposit into your account as a response to this email.
Please be advised that you must block out the middle 8 digits of your credit/debit card number before it is submitted and ensure that it is one of the following formats: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.png or *.pdf.
Once we have received valid documentation, we will proceed with enabling your NETELLER account.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Kind regards,

Since hen I have sent 7 best possible images and every time the responses are like the following:

"Thank you for contacting us.
The image of your card was too blurry to validate. We could not read the necessary information required to verify your credit/debit card. Please take a new high-quality image and ensure that the document is clearly legible. Also, be aware that your email provider might be shrinking the size of your image file without your knowledge. Make sure you are choosing to send your image as a ‘file' or ‘document' attachment instead of as an ‘image' attachment.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you for choosing NETELLER!
Kind regards,

In the end I wrote to them the following:
"Sent: Fri, 02 Nov 2018 12:41:49
To: "Neteller KYC"

I sent you 7 images including the best of them. My scanner a latest HP, is scanning documents for the every department including banks across the world and no one has ever complained. Actually the images are the best.
This is deliberate, that you are refusing to accept any image, and sending a standard computer generated text. Telling me to forget my USD 500, because if you are not satisfied with the Image, which you will never be even though I keep sending till eternity, you will never enable my account for me to transact the USD 500.
Requesting you to kindly CLOSE my account and return the USD 500 through the route of card XXXXXXXX...XX42 which I had used to transfer the money. I believe this will not obstruct your protocol of 'Security' because you had accepted the payment from this route.

But no action was done till date, not even a response on this. I can understand they are using the ploy of "send Image to our satisfaction" Satisfied they will never be and so they will never return my USD 500.
I request these guys through this website to kindly return my money and close my account, because they can simply revert the payment through the same route they have accepted the money what is the security problem in this.

need findout my money (200 usd)

Dear Sir, Pls note that, on 29th oct 2018, I had transfer 200USD to my Neteller account (My Neteller ID...

about disabled of my neteller account id : [protected]@yahoo.com

hello, i have a verified neteller account since 2015 and transact much USD on my neteller account and now...

bank transfer - withdrawal

I have done 22450 INR withdrawal to my bank account on 22nd September 2018, so for it was not credited to my account. I have sent many emails, but I am not getting proper response. They are not giving what is the problem with my withdrawal. Already 15 days are over, so for it was not. Kindly look into these & update the Status on priority

Withdraw ID [protected]
Neteller ID [protected]

  • Updated by Ganesh Cv · Oct 05, 2018

    Can I have update on priority

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bank transfer

I have done 20000INR withdrawal to my bank account on 23rd September 2018, so for it was not credited to my account. I have sent many emails, but I am not getting proper response. They are not giving what is the problem with my withdrawal. Already 11 days are over, so for it was not processed, I request you to resolve the problem quickly or cancel my withdrawal and credit my amount to my neteller account back.
My neteller account ID IS [protected]
My transaction ID is [protected]

I m not able to login, noel pinto

Hello I am not able to login to my Neteller account, there again tell me to reset your password and I did...

neteller account temporarily disabled

why my account is disable.?? my acc id is [protected] recently i tried to deposite to my betway account. my...

Dhaka Other

account disabled due security issues.

I am Punit Butani(login [protected]@gmail.com). I have account with your Neteller account. I have deposited...

release my neteller account that I can deposit money

Seppo Ruohonen,
Account ID: [protected]
PREPAID MasterCard

Look, do something that I can deposit money to my account. The Account has been closed months now.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear Seppo Ruohonen,

We are making some changes to our terms and conditions which will come into effect on October 16, 2018.

NETELLER Account Fees

The following changes shall apply to the Fees stated in the NETELLER Account Terms of Use:
• No Upload Fee will be charged for single Upload Transactions of USD 20, 000 (or equivalent) or higher, after deduction of any applicable bank or currency conversion fees. All other Upload Transactions will be charged at 2.5%.
Your continued use of our services after October 16, 2018 will be taken as your acceptance of the above changes. Please get in contact with us should you need further information.


release my neteller account that I can deposit money
release my neteller account that I can deposit money

  • Updated by Seppo Ruohonen · Sep 09, 2018

    Seppo Ruohonen,
    Account ID: 457225120106
    PREPAID MasterCard
    CVV: XX9

    Look, do something that I can deposit money to my account. The Account has been closed months now.

  • Updated by Seppo Ruohonen · Sep 09, 2018

    Open my Account!


Hello I have neteller account. My friend from Canada send me money to my neteller account but I have received...

neteller withdrawal problem

My brother is having some issues verifying his account [protected]@gmail.com therefore he can't withdraw the...

selling an antique

We were expecting some payment from the person living Canada to whom we were selling our antique he said he...


On 15 June I received the following email from Neteller:
Our records indicate that the last transaction made with your NETELLER Account was on 07/06/2017. Your current account balance is 100 ZAR.

Your account has been inactive for over 13 months. If you do not use your account by the 15th of next month, the following actions will be taken:

We will apply an administrative fee of up to $40 (40 USD) to the remaining balance in your account.
We will close your Reward Points account and any points will expire.
If your account continues to be inactive, we will charge the administration fee every twelve months up to a total of three times (we will not, however, cause you to go into a negative balance).
If we have charged three consecutive administrative fees and/or your account has been inactive for 38 months in total, your account will be closed, your agreement with us terminated and your card cancelled.
Avoid the fee and keep your Reward Points!

You can make any of the following transactions to avoid the fee and keep your points:
Make a deposit, a withdrawal, or transfer funds to any website.
Use the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® to withdraw funds or make purchases.
Send money to anyone around the world with a secure NETELLER Money Transfer.

I really want to close my account. To do that I have to deposit more money. I cannot deposit money because Neteller does not accept my MasterCard, only Visa. I cannot find online help on their website. In short, Neteller is the most customer unfriendly e-money transfer service ever. I have it but cannot use it!!!

withdrawal/refund issue

Hi my Neteller account ID is [protected], One of my friend transferred a sum of 300000 INR from Canada but I...

complaint regarding to transfer of money

One of my friend transferred a sum of 250000 INR from Canada but I am not received to my mail...

account closed and no refund

Neteller ID: [protected]
I've used Neteller for over 3 years, account was fully verified until recent change in procedure. Earlier this month I deposited $46 from Betfair... Surprise, surprise - account was restricted. Tried submitting documentation via support; everything was declined. Asked for a refund to my Skrill *(one of the methods available on their site & I've been using) and close my account - they close my account and don't refund!
Stay away from these scammers...

account is permanently closed

After signing up Neteller and attempted to verify my account. To verify, I deposited 10$. Since my webcam in laptop is poor quality, I sent an email with relevant documents (Scanned copy of my passport, National ID, bank statement, selfie with passport and national ID to "[protected]@neteller.com" but no reply in 48 hours. Then I downloaded the Neteller app from play store and tried to verify my account, In Neteller app I scanned my passport but failed, next I scanned my National ID and successfully done, also then I got the face verification immediately and It was successful. Besides, I tried to verify my address through bank statement but it wasn't accepted because I submitted an online printed version of bank statement (downloaded from my online banking). After failure of bank statements, I scanned the electricity bill paper but unfortunately there was no name of mine (in our country, one apartment electricity bill is issued by building owner and we get an copy of it). I thought it might be okay. Again they rejected it. During this verification using Neteller app, I got an reply from "[protected]@neteller.com" (actually several email since I sent same email several times), and confirmed my identity verification except my address and told me to submit an documents to proof my address and my submitted bank statement wasn't okay.

Next I tried to login in Neteller app but failed and redirected me to their website. I logged in my PC and found that my account was functionally limited as well as deposit and withdraw. My address verification status was in review.

After facing the problem, I decided to collect my print copy of my bank statement from Dutch Bangla bank (I had to pay for this) and again scanned my printed bank statement with original bank Logo with authorized signature. When I was going to submit my bank statement via Neteller website I found that my account is permanently closed. I was totally surprised and shocked!!! Why was this happened? Did I anything wrong? How can get back my account? I want to be with Neteller.
I hope I get a solution as soon as possible.

My account information in Neteller:
Neteller A/C: [protected]
Email: md. [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Md
    md farhad Sep 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear neteller team,
    i upload mistake documents thats why my account was permanently closed.now i send my bank statement via this gmail.please check this document and solve my account problem and quickly verify my account.

    thanks a lot.

    Name: Md farhad
    Date of birth: 22 mar 1991
    Email: [email protected]

    2 Votes
  • 10
    10 Sensational Jun 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    any one help me this issue


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money in

I am from India. I have deposited money in Neteller Account many time. Every time they deducted 1.9% of money what i had added. But for the first time they deducted more. Today I have deposited 9812 rupees in my account and Neteller deducted 10938 rupees. Please resolve this issue. If needed some other information then let me know. My Neteller account id is [protected]@gmail.com

scam service

first they ask you to add 4.50 to the account in order to verify and be able to use the virtual card and such.

Then after doing that, when i want to put that 4.50 back into my bank account, they tell me i need a minimal of 18 in my neteller account to do they and they take a 10 euro cut from that!

I tried to contact them about this but they do not reply.