Nationwide Home WarrantyUnpaid Claim, Poor Customer Service, Rip Off Because Policy Will Not Cover Me


I am disgusted with the way I have been treated. I purchased Nationwide's Full Protection Plan only to get no protection. They asked for maintenance records on my AC unit. I explained to them that these documents should have been requested at the time of my purchasing the contract, which was purchased before I closed on my home. I have submitted the invoice showing when the unit was installed and I have no other documents available or means to obtain any other documents. The stated that the invoice was insufficient and that the claim was still denied. I want my money back because this policy can not be used. I don't have maintenance records for any item in my home. The company should be closed due to fraudulent business practices. I don't understand how a company can take our hard earned dollars and deceive us with false security.


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    Mark Sep 03, 2008

    First claim I had with them they never sent out a contractor. Had to get it fixed myself. Second claim was the problem with needing service records for a dishwasher. The manufacturer does not have any maintenance procedure for the dishwasher. This company is a complete scam and a waste of money

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    mahalia wilson Oct 05, 2008

    Hooume owner insurence is losey too, when it comes to a claim. They bully you try to dehumanize y0u.They are so unprofessional.I think there scoe of practice is to try and give you a heart attack or stroke.You hav a fire thieft, vandel claim and they do everything in thier power to hummiliate and blame you even if you wrent there. I am filing with the gov., insurence commissioner, BBB, housing rights, and consummer affairs dept. we need a class action against bad faith practice with nationwide. Nation wide is not on your side ever.

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    Angry in Georgia Oct 14, 2008

    After waiting 6 WEEKS to have my dryer's heating unit and ac unit upstairs repaired and giving these *a*s*swipes my money $600, they have the GALL to tell me that my dryer was repaired and paid for and that they are DONE with my claim on that, and that my ac claim is DENIED, even though ive faxed them maintenance records for 4 years, as recent as last year, stating that my system was in running order, I asked the smart ### beotch on the phone if I could speak with someone who made the decision to deny my claim so that they could explain it to me, or at the very least send a letter stating why it was denied ...well this cow had me so ANGRY last night that i nearly had an asthma attack because I asked her to send me a copy of ANYTHING wherein I signed off stating that I had work performed on my dryer??? This heffa hung up in my face and they wouldnt answer the phones again when I tried calling back they just left me ON HOLD! So, today, I call the contractor that they initially sent to my home who made the decision regarding both appliances, and I asked him outright had he made the claim that my dryer was repaired and that he had been paid, to which he replied ...Ma'am I never did such a thing because your dryer has not been repaired and that ill send someone to your home (his guy has been on vacation for a week). And that he would have him call me ...that was at 7:45 this morning and IM STILL WAITING!!!

    These people are CRAZY if they think that they can just get away with this, im contacting my georgia consumer affairs office as well as filing complaints with the bbb for both ny AND ga! 2 months is INSANE to wait for service and to not even be bothered with a call from these greedy mongrels is OUT OF CONTROL and im sure as hell not sitting for this!!! This is the SECOND New York company who has STOLEN my money, back in February I renewed my home warranty with another company and within 30 days they were out of business, and the only way that I found out, was through my local news!!!

    When I contacted my credit card company to get my money back, I was told that it was "too late" grrrrrrrrrrr WHO LETS THESE PEOPLE GET AWAY FOR SO LONG, RAPING consumers?

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    Ammie Brothers Oct 28, 2008

    I had just bought my policy with Nation Wide just last month on the 17 of September 08. Before i bought my policy i had asked a few questions regarding what would be replacable and repairable to them. I was told everything in the policy but never once did the man who sold me the policy tell me that if there was rust or corrosion that they wouldnt approve a claim. I did not recieve my so called policy until after my 3 days was over in the mail. I was not told that i could go to there website and read the ploicy because i never purchased my policy online i did it via phone. Well my Central AC unit went down, so i filed a claim. They sent a tech. down to see what was wrong with the unit and come to find out it needed to get replaced. The tech told me he told them that it was old and it need to get replaced, the compressor was bad. They were told that the claim was not approved by the warranty, so then i called the Nation WIde up to see what was going on and they told me that they cant repair anything that had rust or corrosion, but in there policy it doesnt state that AC units was not covered due to rust or corrosion. I then started reading my policy word for word and only a few paragraphs stated that and it was Plumbing, Electricity and Improper Installation/Previous Repairs. I then brought that up to the head supervisor incharge and she told me it states it in paragraph 9.1.2 which is Improper Installation/Previous Repairs. I told her that it doesnt state that for AC units, it states it for the paragraph 9.1.2. I asked her for my refund back and she told me that i cant get a refund back, my claim wont get approved and i cant cancel my policy with them. I told her why not and she told me that i had 3 days after i bought my policy to cancel. I was like 3 days, i didnt know nothing about 3 days, she then tells me that i recieved my policy through email and i told her no i didnt. I said mail doesnt take 3 days to get any where unless you send it through priority mail. I told her i didnt get the documents in a timely manner in order for me to have a chance to cancel my policy. I said do you think i would have spent all that money on a policy that basically worth nothing if you wont repair anything. She tells me regardless its to late. I then tell the lady that they lied and cheated me out of my money because whats the sense of having a home warranty when im not going to be covered for anything. I called the tech. again and asked him again what did you tell the warranty people and he told me that it needed to get replaced and that it was old, i told him that, thats not what there telling me, there telling me that it is rusted and there is corrosion. Nation Wide made a false claim in order for them to not approve me. So bottom line is if you did not cancel your policy within those 3 days you are stuck with basically no policy. What i did though was go and report them to the BBB because of false documents, and to get my refund back.

    Please visit the BBB online @, if you would like to report this company. They are located in New York so you will have to get to there location in order to file the claim.

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  • Rk
    RKrame Nov 25, 2008

    This company is a ripoff. They have given me the run around. They recently referred a technician for a heater problem. This technician's company had no idea of who Nationwide was. Stay away!!

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  • Ca
    caramoe Dec 09, 2008

    They deny every claim. They make up reasons to deny. Their reasoning is ridiculous. They request maintenance records on items you just purchase with the home. They expect you to contact the previous owners to asked how they maintained the items. They won't return phone calls, you cannot get a corporation number, you cannot speak to a supervisor and will not give the address to the corporation in NY. I am filing a complaint with the BBB, along with atty generals in AZ and NY, along with corporation commission and every website I can post a complaint on. I have the time and I will do it.

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  • Ca
    caramoe Dec 09, 2008

    FRAUD AT IT'S BEST! The BBB, along with atty generals, needs to stop ignoring these home warranty companies and do their jobs. I have a problem with Nationwide Home Warranty, however, it looks like all home warranty companies have numerous complaints regarding denying claims for rediculous reason.




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  • Sa
    sam Jan 02, 2009

    this is them, when you call they will indeed dehumanize y0u, make you think and feel as everything was your fault and that you do not understand...They are so unprofessional, they will put you on hold for ever just to ignore you and make your life terrible, or simply they do not have people working there... it is all about being smart in stealing your money

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  • Sa
    sam Jan 02, 2009

    Nationwide Home Warranty
    Posted: 2008-10-31 by Michael Williams [send email]

    BBB, Attny. General of Greater NY, NY State Insurance Board Info.

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Nationwide Home Warranty Insurance
    P.O. Box 341 Zip 10013
    New York, New York
    United States
    Phone: 888-500-2110

    If anyone, beside myself, has had problems getting Nationwide Home Warranty to pay/settle claims on things covered under your contract, it's worth while in contacting the following to register complaints against them. The more complaints they get, the better. They are the least professional group I have ever dealt with and are dishonest in their practices.

    New York State Department of Insurance: 212-480-6400
    address to send complaint: CSB
    New York State Insurance Dept.
    25 Beaver St.
    New York, NY 10004
    In your complaint, list your name, Policy #, copies of any and all documentation and if you have names of people you talked to, time of call, etc... include in complaint.

    New York State Attorney General: (Consumer Fraud Dept)
    You need to request a written complaint form to be sent to you.

    File a complaint with the State Attorney Generals Office in the State you purchased the policy. You can obtain this information on the internet.

    Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York
    Web address:
    There will be a link to fill out a complaint about a business.

    This all takes time, but the more dissatisfied customers report their fradulent practices, the better.

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  • Ch
    Christy Jan 02, 2009

    I have been scammed by them as well. I saw a charge on my credit card and called them to find out who they are. I spoke to someone at the customer service and he said I ordered it on the web. But I did not. He refused to give me a refund so I asked for the owner John he was a rude jerk and said to bad you do not get a refund sorry about your luck. He threatened me. They took out about 389.00 out of my checking account one day and tried another amount 2 days later. My bank refused it and did a inverstigation. I contacted the FBI, BBB, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Insurance Commision and my attorney. I also cancled my credit card so they can't try to take anymore money out. If JOhns owns the company then he needs to go to school on how to run a business. Some people skills would not hurt either. I want to get a class action law suit against them so if anyone is interested email me [email protected] The FBI and the NYPD told me when a company charges your credit card and is supose to provide a service and they don't that is crdit card fraud and can be prosecuted. SO please contact everyone I mentioned above and make your complaints known. I would like to hear from as many of you as possible so I can get all the informatin to myh attorney and get this started.

    PS also notify all of the realestate companies in your area and warn them not to use them as thier home warranty company

    Stay away from NAtionwide Home Warranty.

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  • Sa
    sam Jan 04, 2009

    yes, they charged my credit card and i never signed on anything, they are very good in tricking you without knowing... i also had to cancel my credit card because they will continue stealing, , , , i think this company is running out of business and they are trying to steal as much as possible then declare bankruptcy... stay away from them and write about their crdit card fraud so they can be prosecuted.

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  • Ch
    Christy Jan 07, 2009


    I was also scammed by these crooks. I did not sign up for thier service nor do I want it. I saw a $389.00 charge on my credit card and called them and asked what it was. I said no I did not sign up refund my money and cancel it. He said no I asked for the owner or manager he said John is the owner and put me through to him. Well he was a real jerk not what ou would call a good business man. He said to bad we are keeping your money and you did sign up and I will take you to court if you try to get your money back. So I contacted my credit card company to dispute it and cancle my card but before I cancled it he charged me another charge of a different amount $399.00. What a scam. We disputed them both and I am now closing my checking account out so he can't get any money at all. I contacted my attorney and he will take care of them. I also did all of the complaints to all authorities. STAY AWAY from NATONWIDE HOME WARRANTY. If anyone want to go with me and do a class action law suit email me and we can start one and put them out of business. [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chris marino Jan 21, 2009

    I got my so-called warranty from NationWide back in June 2008. My evaporator coil in my blower went out this past October--they would not pay a cent... My water heater went out in December--they would not pay a cent... Now I am having issues with a leaking pipe--I am not counting on them for anything. They have been horrible, horrible!!!


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  • Ma
    m&m Feb 13, 2009

    Nationwide is a SCAM--Stay away. I'm trying to take them thru arbitration but they refused NUMEROUS times to give me physical address which is required to file in small claims court. Well i found one and urge anyone who has been defrauded by them to act. they need to be stopped. they tried to tell me that i was a liar and the only one that is complaining-- they have a less than 1% complaint rating--who are they kidding. Please take the time to file with the attorney general's office and BBB. If you live near NYC, file in small claims court, it takes time and $15. the court walks you thru the filing and court case (so i've heard) no lawyer necessary in small claims
    1864 E. 9th st
    Brooklyn, NY 11223

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  • Ri


    I am so ANGRY!! Finally filed a claim with them on my refrigerator and Nationwide says that they will not repair/replace my refrigerator unless I send them "MAINTAINENCE" reports. I told them nobody pays for a professional to come out and take the temperature on your refrigerator. So, if you haven't paid for professionals to come "maintain" all your applicance they aren't covered.

    It is not really a company but a bunch of con artists. Not only are they refusing to repair my refrigerator they told me that I am under a one year contract (you have to cancel with 3 days).

    I will have my bank stop payment immediately.

    I will be contacting the Attorney General ofr Alabama as well as the BBB.

    I told the representative that I didn't know how she slept at night working for a company like this.

    THey take your money and you trust that you are covered. You make a claim and they REFUSE TO COVER IT unless you have maintainence reports on the applicance. So it would cost about $1200 or more a year to maintain ALL your appliances. If they are bit maintained, they are NOT COVERED so this is a USELESS policy and actually a SCAM!!

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  • Sd
    sdp May 03, 2009

    NATIONWIDE is this the kind of service you continue to give your customers. I HAVE SEVERAL HEALTH ISSUE AND I HAVE BEEN WAITING THREE DAYS FOR A CALL. I have allowed you people to take money out of my account and the two times that I use you, I get the run around. I have called in several times only to be told that I have to sign a contract with you before I canget service. You people are taking money out of my bank account that should be more than enough contract.
    Date Status Summary
    05/03/09 12:32 PM Unapproved
    05/02/09 08:04 PM Unapproved
    05/01/09 10:09 PM Unapproved A/C, Cooling
    05/01/09 10:09 PM Unapproved A/C, Cooling
    07/12/08 06:04 PM Unapproved

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  • Ba
    Ban Against Nationwide!! Jul 08, 2009

    This is EXACTLY what happened to me with this company NATIONWIDE HOME WARRANTY... I have had this policy for almost a year and pay EVERY MONTH. NOW, my Central AC just broke down and needs a new "motherboard?". They told the contractor, THE ONE THEY SENT TO MY HOME, that they need all past maintenance records. WHAT!!!? I have never had the thing fixed until now!!! WHAT MAINTENANCE RECORDS?????????????

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  • Hs
    HSC Aug 04, 2009

    This company is awful. It is a complete waste of time and I am going to try to find a way to get to thier corporate office. Maybe we can get a TV channel to do a spot on them. They have zero customer service. They sent out a company to fix my A/C and when he called to get authorization no one answered for over an hour. He proceeded to fix the unit, due to a child having health issues and then was told the claim wouldn't be accepted because he didn't get authorization. I called and they told me they wanted maintenance records..ect.. They know no one has these records it is just there was of taking peoples money and being cheap.. Hopefully what goes around comes around and they will get a lawsuit.. Someone needs to make them accountable for thier actions immediately!

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  • Ed
    ed loeb Aug 18, 2009

    Signed up with nationwide for service contract on appliances and a/c heating. Signed up in June 2009. A/c problem occurred in late July. Had A/c inspected in April 2009 and all was well. Unit was less than 5 years old. Condenser problem occurred. Nationwide failed to cover even though unit working and they did not inspect which right they had under the contract. Nationwide asked for doumentation of maintenance which I provided the April 2009 A/c routine check and service. They failed to cover making excuse that I needed documentation of maintenance for each year. When they took over service it was working and they failed to inspect if they had an issue. The company is a scam.

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  • Cu
    cuthbertk Aug 20, 2009

    Rejected our claim for invalid reasons. Very unresponsive service.

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  • Je
    JENNFEX Aug 27, 2009

    I totally agree with everyone who has taken the time to write a complaint about their ordeal with this company. This company has got to be the worse company in the world. In Februarly I went on the Internet and typed in Old Republic, which is the company I originally wanted. I had been told by a service company that was the best warranty company that they dealt with and it also provides some of the necessities that fit my needs, which others don't.

    Well when I pressed search, I got Nationwide; I typed in Old Republic again and got Nationawide, so I stupidly thought they had change their name and that is why Nationwide was coming up. I proceeded to join the company. They never sent me a contract to send back signed, but they sure enough took my money. They did not even email a contract as was said. There were so many things going on in my life, that I did not bother to get one, all I knew was that they had my money and whenever I needed them, they would be there for me.

    How wrong I was, I had dealt with two other companies before, and had minimal problems; nothing I can really complain a lot about. The real reason for changing, is that I found out that old republic include septic systems, which I have and no other company was offering cov erage for that.

    I paid 112.00 dollars initially and another 112.00 during the second quarter and just yesterday, I paid another 112.00 which is taken out of my Visa card.

    In July, five months into the contract, my AC started cooling on and off, so I had it cleaned, but the prob lem persisted and finally stopped cooling. I called Nationwide and they told me they would be sending someone within 48 hours. The next day, I couln't take the heat so I called to find out who they had assigned. They found no record of my calling so they re inputted the Info again, They gave me the name of the AC people. I waited about an hour and they said that they were waiting for a fax from Nation wide. By the way, in the two weeks after, the AC company never got the fax. The company was nice enough to send someone that evening after six, even though they did not get an order form Nationwide. However, the technician said I needed a new air conditioner because mine was very old. I asked them if there was anything they could do to alleviate the heat in the meantime, and he said that no there was nothing, that they hac to contact Nationwide because Nationwide require them to be notified if the cost was over $100.00. I waited a couple of days and used my fans instead, I also tlurned off the air for a few hours and turn it back on. It would cool for a while and then it would freeze again.

    A technician came to the house and measure the AC closet for a new Air. He submitted his results to the company. I tried to contact the AC company and was finally told that the claim was denied due to improper maintenance. They never asked me for maintenance records. They said it was to old and because since at the beach side of Panama City Florida, I have sand and salt that has corroded my AC cables and I need a new coil. B ut the most they made a bid deal off was rust. When I spoke with them, the person on the line said that my contract clearly specifies no rust. Now I told her that I never received a contract, and that myAC unit and a few of the covered iems have rust because they are 14years old. They never said how old your co vered items should be, they did not say anything about rust or sand . To make a long story short, I went back and fourth with both companies and have emails to prove it and I never got my air fixed by them. I called my old faithful company to look at my air for a second opinion, and sure enough, all they did was wash my outside unit and my air condition is working just fine. I don't know what their deal is with their companiesS, but it does not sound right.
    They do not honor their contracts, I recommend no one buying a contract from them. Once bought, you may have little time to review it, so you better look at it thouroughly right away because you only have three days to cancel. I thought it was 30 days, not only that, with other companies if you want to cancel, you get a portion of your money back. THIS IS DEFINITELY A RIP-OFF AND A SCAM AND A VERY SHADY COMPANY. The story is longer, but I am getting tire and angrier by the minute. We should all find a way to file a lawsuit or class action suit against this company. I would be happy to sign on. I would like my money back.

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  • Je
    JENNFEX Aug 27, 2009

    I feel I still have more to say that is important. At the customer service the lady on the other end said that my AC was not appropriately maintain and that it was rusty because I had no cover on it. I said lady I don't think you know what you are talking about, or I don't know what you are talking about. I never heard or seen an Air Conditioner with a cover on it, that would prevent the air from working appropriately. I ask the AC Service technician if they have ever seen a cover for the AC and they said no.
    It took me more than a week to find out from them that I had my claim denied. Meanwhile I was roasting in my home waiting faithfully for my new air conditioner. I did not ask for a new air conditioner, it was what the service company said I needed, that it would coast too much money to repair it. That sounds like a scam, since it has now been working perfectly for the last month and a half, since the outside unit was washed.

    Another thing that I was shocked about, was the fact that the AC company they sent, said that an air conditioner last between six and seven years. I was never told that before. If that is the truth, than I must have treated my air conditioner right since it is now 14 going on 15 years old and it is still working. Does anyone know if that is the truth?

    We should get 20/20 it it is still on or Geraldo or any other news agencies to investigate these Home warranty companies, to actually exposed them and publicize which is really the best. I feel that my story, and the story of all others who have written, are all real horror stories. These people are LIARS AND CHEATERS and take advantage of people who are just trying to live with a little peace of mind.

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  • Cn
    cntrypoet Sep 22, 2009

    My wife and i obtained this wonderful home warranty talking with many home warranty companys. This salesman assured me that we would not have issues like we did with ohter companies. We were told they would cover the A/C and Furnace. we even paid a bit extra because they had a plan to cover plumbing fixtures and light fixtures. i loked over their plan and contract pretty good and thought i understood it. I was wrong. The reality is that these people tell you lots of bull over the phone and get your money then send you a contract that doesnt pay anything due to the fine print that makes excuses not to fix anything becasue it is your fault or it was pre-existing. I told thes people i had an A/C unit that was 35 years old and i was assured it would be covered. When it goes out i am told that rust on this machine makes it void of the warranty. They say the spoke with the company that looked at the A/C and the technician told them it was due to neglagence. I am the one who called this company because the warranty company didnt have anyone to send to us for repairs. I was told to get an estimate. The company i chose said they never talked to any one from the warranty company. The A/C repair people sent the warranty company a fax and sent me a copy of the fax. No where on that fax does it say that this was neglegence but the warranty company says it is.
    I would love to see someone find a way to bring charges against this company. I am not a lawyer but i sure feel like i have been unjustly taken advantage of for my money with out any service for what i paid for. If anyone gets a class action suit against these guys i would really like to be in on that.

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  • Fi
    fishtank Oct 21, 2009

    Nationwide is claiming my fridge and cooktop repairs were reported by the repairman as "pre-existing", but I've talked to him and he says the cooktop should be covered, he has no idea why the claim wasn't approved, and he hasn't been paid for the last 4 repairs he's done for the company at other homes. I had another home warranty last year and would have called in the repair if it had existed before, but Nationwide doesn't see it that way. I asked for a refund and was told I'm out of my "cancellation period" even though the policy just started this month.

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  • Ma
    Manoj Srivastava Nov 04, 2009

    I purchased home warranty from Nationwide Home Warranty for one year beginning July 26'2009. On 19th August 2009, I saw a leak in my air conditioning unit so I made a complaint about it. They forwarded my complaint to a local vendor Airflow Inc. The technician came to my house & found out the problem & he estimated this repair for $1630. When technician spoke to Nationwide's representative over the phone, she told him not to do any repair & advised him to leave. Without talking to me or telling me anything she hung up the phone. I did not let the technician go & called up nationwide again. Then their manager told me since water leaked from A/c unit & that water caused rust & they won’t repair it. Then I said but air is leaking from the pipe also what about that, for that she replied that this unit is still under manufacturer warranty so they won’t repair it. Whereas the truth is this unit is 12 years old & it’s not under any manufacturer warranty. In front of me technician never spoke to me about manufacturer warranty. They are just making excuses not to repair it. Since it was really hot here during peak summer & my kids were off from school, I had no choice but to pay for this repair out of my pocket. Then I called up this company & told them Your company is not at all good for providing such services & I want to cancel my contract & refund my money. They denied for that too These company people are lying for everything & they don’t help at all. They are highly unprofessional & unreliable.
    If You call them for 30 minutes to an hour nobody picks the phone & if they want to make any excuse they will never answer the phone .
    Last month they took out some additional money from my credit card without providing any service& without informing me . Finally I blocked this company to withdraw any money from my credit card. SO just look at your credit card statements also if you have given your credit card info to this company .

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  • Br
    Brooke D. Nov 06, 2009

    oh my God!! The same crap just happened with me on my furnace!! I am sooo annoyed and they are incredibly rude! I asked to speak to a supervisor and the snotty girl Alex just bluntly said no.

    We paid the $60 deductible to have the technician come out, and then they wanted service records, to find out that the service records were what in fact caused my claim to be denied!


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  • Wc
    W Charles McAtee Dec 15, 2009

    Claim turned down to replace oven due to allegation of rust. Appliance was checked by contractor and contractor reported to Nationwide that the oven needed to be replaced due to numerous reasons. I contacted the contractor and he verified that he never reported anything to Nationwide relating to rust or corrosion of the unit. There is no rust or corrosion on the oven. It is not functioning due to failure of the covered items under the Nationwide contract. I called four times on December 15, 2009 in an attempt to resolve the issue. I asked for a three way between myself and a company representative, I was refused. I asked that they send someone else out to get a second opinion, I was refused. I asked for a coporate executive phone number, I received an e-mail address. The contractor contacted Nationwide and informed them that he did not report anything about rust or corrosion relevant to my oven, they still refused to investigate my contentions.

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  • Na
    Nationwide home Warranty Dec 18, 2009

    Nationwide home warranty company uses deceptive sales practices to sell total home warranty for your home appliances. If you have a problem that will not pay more that $100.00. They deny all clains where you cannot provide detailed service records, that they do not tell you about upfront. I got taken for $550.00 and my furnace went out. The bill was $745.00 and they clain that they don't have to pay because I do not have service records.

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  • Mr
    MrandMrsH Dec 31, 2009

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I purchased this home in June of 2007. My water heater was inspected by my home inspector, and pronounced operationally sound.

    On December 28th, 2009, I noted water on the floor and in the pan surrounding my water heater. I shut power to the water heater off at the circuit breaker, and began diagnosing the problem. I discovered water running down the side of the water heater, and pulled some of the outside paneling loose, to see where the leak had sprung from.

    I then noted that there was a weld that appeared to have torn, due to age, on the side of the tank. There was no outward appearance of damage, and I had to go far beyond typical observation to discover the leak. I had to pry the outside cover, and the insulation, off the tank to see it.

    The water heater had a manufacture date of 1995, and presumably was installed sometime that year or the next.

    I was confident, that because I have been a homeowner for 15 years, and I routinely do much of my own maintenance around the house, INCLUDING flushing my water heater twice per year, that my home warranty with Nationwide would cover the replacement cost of the water heater.

    My wife contacted Nationwide last evening, and the person taking the information insisted that we would receive a phone call or an email within “a few hours”. “A few hours” later, I called Nationwide, to let them know that I hadn’t received my call back, nor an email. There was no answer. This morning, I contacted Nationwide to check the status, only to find that the contract we had purchased (for the second year at $324.22) in June had never been “signed”…so nothing had been done on my claim. After spending 20 minutes or so, speaking to an exceptionally pleasant lady named Crystal, we finally got that issue settled. A short time later, I received an email stating that a plumber had been contacted, and I could call him to come and check the water heater out.

    I called him, and spoke to him about the warranty, and he said he would come right over, but that he would require full payment after authorization from Nationwide, and that Nationwide would need to reimburse me, rather than him. I again contacted Nationwide to confirm such an arrangement was acceptable and was told that as long as we paid the $60 service call fee, that it would be acceptable.

    Shortly thereafter, the plumber arrived, and confirmed that the side weld on the tank, did indeed tear open, and that routine maintenance could not have detected, nor prevented it, as the tank was expected to have a service life of around six years, and the fact that it was still working was a credit to my routine maintenance.

    I drain and flush my water heater every January, and every June. I installed a water softener and whole house water filter in a further attempt to prevent plumbing problems due to minerals in municipal water supplies.

    The plumber left, after speaking to Nationwide, and we were confident that my water heater would be replaced, and that Nationwide would at least pay part of the expected and reasonable $550.00 replacement and installation costs.

    When I hadn’t heard anything within a few hours, I AGAIN contacted Nationwide, only to be told that I needed to provide “maintenance records”. At first, I found it laughable. Who actually keeps maintenance records on their water heater? Then I found out that the telephone representative was being serious. When I suggested that I could document my maintenance on the water heater, I was told that that would not be acceptable, as it must be performed by a professional. A professional WHAT, I asked. I was told that MANY people provide maintenance records showing that their water heater is actually flushed out by a plumber. Who actually contacts a plumber or contractor to actually perform routine, homeowner responsible maintenance? If my furnace were to break, would you need records showing that a professional came in and changed the air filters every 90 days? I maintain my own automobile, and simply write down the dates and mileages of my oil changes…even automobile dealerships and manufacturers accept my personal records. Though I never thought to document when I flush the radiator in my car, any more that I thought to document routine maintenance on my water heater.

    Had I known that "maintenance records" were required, and that Nationwide would find excuses to refuse payment at every turn, I would simply have paid the man to bring the water heater TODAY instead of having to wait an additional 24 hours (AT LEAST) for Nationwide to make a decision.

    So here are the brass tacks of this letter. My 15 year old water heater, which has performed admirably for two and one half times its expected service life, failed. Not something like simply stopped working, but actually burst a seam. I spent $324.22 last year and $324.22 this year, on a home warranty, that I haven’t used…ever. I spent $60, to satisfy my requirement with Nationwide’s policy on service calls. My water heater is broken. I have a house with five people living in it, who are unable to shower. I promise that one of three things will happen, and I present them from most favorable, to least favorable. One, Nationwide realizes they have made a most horrendous mistake, and pays the balance of the $550.00. Two, Nationwide simply refunds me my full contract price for the current year of $324.22 as they fail to live up to reasonable expectations. I’ll let you keep last year’s money, though very grudgingly…and I post my story and a copy of this letter and any replies to every single blog I spend any time at all visiting, as well as file a complaint to the BBB. Three, you refuse to meet either condition one or two, and I file complaints with every state attorney that I can send an email to, I complain to everyone that will listen. I post this letter and every reply you make to it everywhere, including posting it to the bulletin board at Wal-Mart, Sears, Home Depot, Lowe’s and any other place of business I frequent.

    If you think that those are hollow issues, please note that I am disabled, spend every single day in front of my computer for hours and hours, and am an insomniac. Nationwide’s policies will be aired at HUNDREDS of blogs, with potential readerships in the hundreds of thousands…quite possibly millions. Yep, the big bad homr warranty company, and the disabled American Veteran…wonder how the public would view that.

    There is also the quite distinct possibility that you could simply ignore this letter, in which case, I will have my attorney prove that hiring a contractor/plumber to perform routine maintenance on a water heater is not something the average person would do, and you are simply using it as a tactic to refuse paying.

    The ball is now in your court. I want your response and decision in writing before Thursday, and in the event you call, just in case someone actually DOES make outgoing phone calls from Nationwide (not in my experience), I will be recording the conversation (some states require both parties to be aware that the call is being recorded).

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  • Mr
    MrandMrsH Dec 31, 2009

    The above was my first letter to Nationwide

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  • Us
    usafrancis Jan 20, 2010

    I bought 5 Home Warranties from Nationwide and all I got was aggravations and customer service with no common senses. Here are some more recent events:
    1. I owned 5 properties at the time I bought those home warranties. And a few days later, I bought another property as my primary residence. However, the newest property I bought came with home warranty bought by seller and serviced by Old Republic. Magically, one of the the 5 home warranties that I bought from Nationwide disappears (didn't know about it until I called to make a claim) and they put the newest property as the one of 5. I have the original welcome package that they emailed me and email that file back to them to show my proof but they claimed that I had electronically signed for that.. How can documents change from the time that I bought it to the time that I actually made the claim? I am amazed in a awful way that they are pulling tricks out of their sleeves to avoid paying. So, essentially, one of my properties has two home warranties.. Can't reason with them AT ALL..
    2. Like other users have mentioned, they always request for proof of maintenance for them to process the claim.. To me, all they are trying to do to perform what they are supposed to be.. a home warranty company.. and their customer services are the worst..

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  • Je
    JENNFEX Feb 14, 2010

    Hey everyone: Though I have not posted my story about Nationwide yet which is bad. What does everyone think about having a class action suit against these dogs? I was with AHS prior to Nationwide and I had a problem with them on a stove after being with their company for approximately seven years and they refused to replace my stove, claiming that I intentionally dented it, when the stove came that way when I bought it fom West Building supplies when they were going out of business. They have a class action suit going on currently. What do you guys think?

    [email protected]

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  • Ka
    KATRINA THOMAS Feb 24, 2010

    This company robbed me for a whole year, i asked them to cancel me they say i had to stay with them a year then they will cancel me.Mine you that should be Feb./2010 they just took another 89.oo out of my account, i want my money all of it Nationwide even the money you robbed me for all of last year when you didn't fix my dishwasher, AND STOP TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT

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  • Be
    Believabble Babs Mar 04, 2010

    About a year ago, we purchased a homeowners warranty plan. We needed some plumbing work done. We followed the proper protocol and were denied. The plumber told them that the shower and bath stems needed replacing and that they met the guidelines for replacement. They still denied us. Oh, it took us forever to get through to the company. They are a ripoff and scam. Do not do business with this company.

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  • Mg
    MGialdi Mar 09, 2010

    Unpaid Claim, Poor Customer Service, Rip Off Because Policy Will Not Cover what it said it would cover. My furmace broke in December, Nationwide made me wait 2 weeks, with no heating in Michigan below zero tempertures, and after 2 weeks told me to call my own twchnician and submit it for reimbursment. After it was repaired and paid by me, they denied payment.

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  • Ne
    Nekiy Apr 21, 2010

    I paid for coverage for 9 months. problem with my 4 year old washer and spent 12 days trying to get a repair. At the end of 12 days I ws told it was not covered. Nothing in the contract excludes this item. Their response was non compliance and the excuse was bogus.

    Cancelled my policy as of today and want to warn others.

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  • El
    elizabeth f. May 04, 2010

    I filed a claim on-line a week ago (5/28) and have not heard from Nationwide Home Warranty. I have called numerous times only to be told that their office is closed (during regular business hours) or I have "died" on hold. They have not answered my email sent yesterday re: my claim of last week.

    This is infuriating. I was stupid enough to buy a 3 year contract.

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  • Mb
    Mbsamdrew2 May 11, 2010

    We also filed a claim last week and never received a call back from them after filing online and through email. Called for 2 days and got "disconnected" or message said office was closed even though it was during business hours.

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  • Ci
    Cimmey Jun 03, 2010

    We are a plumbing company that was hired to do work for homeowners through nationwide. Well just let me say they are a JOKE.They won't pay us for work done. They hang up on you when you call. They don't pay anything for homeowners. WHAT EVER YOU DO STAY AWAY FROM NATIONWIDE

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  • Sc
    schemebuster Aug 22, 2010

    PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY "Nationwide Home Warranty" now " Empire Home Warranty"
    Too many loop holes in their contracts, you will never get any of your claims paid for.
    Everything you read in google is true, go to the website "Measured up" you read the same thing
    about this Company. Follow the 1000's of other people and post your complaint. Save the innocent
    from the bad guy. PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY.

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