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National Sales GroupScam and cheating


This 'company' is a huge scam. They place dummy ads on Careerbuilder, Monster, and Hotjobs. When you try to apply to the job, you are told to call them as they are a recruiting firm. After a discussion with a 'sales rep, ' they tell you that they will create a profile for you and send out your resume to employers. You pay $36.00 and they send you a package in the mail that you are to sign and send back so they can create your profile. This money gives you a 30 day window to use the service. Firstly, they tell you that it will take 5-7 business days for this package to arrive. In the interim you are told to go online and create a job profile, upload your resume, and then look at the positions listed and you can apply to them. They are clear in telling you that the jobs online are far from the total that they reach out to with your resume. I went online and they had 3 open jobs for the area. They were all at least 3 weeks to month old. A week goes by and no package in the mail. I called and was told it is coming from Santa Barbara and will take a while. I wait another week and nothing. I call again, they say that it was mailed and verify my address once again. I threaten to call American Express and let them know that this is a scam. They then put a 'manager' on the phone. Within three minutes, the documents are in my email. They tell me to fax them back and it should take about 3 days to get me really started with job applications. They also gave me back the 2 weeks free as I complained that waiting on them was wasting my month. So i then fax the docs back. A week goes by and nothing. i then received 2 job specs and sent my resume. No responses at all from the 'employer' or 'NSG.' Be careful of this scam especially in a market when the unemployment rate is at 8.1%. They are a terrible entity and i am sure that others have be taken advantage of.


  • Er
    erock Apr 02, 2009

    Yes, this seems to be a scam, when they asked for my credit card number i bailed. T'hink about it. In a job market where it is impossible to even get an interview for a decent job unless you know somebody this company is practically guaranteeing multiple interviews for good jobs. It sounds too good to be true and it is. Unfortunately, in this environment a lot of people are willing to try anything to get a job. Steer clear

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  • An
    Ange Apr 04, 2009

    I also became a victime of the national sales group. They took $95.90 from my account. I have to call Monday to ask them to return my money.

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  • Br
    Bruce Tominello Apr 29, 2009

    I have had a similar experience, but only got ripped off for one month. I have notified the Attorney General of the State of California.

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  • Re
    Reno77 Jun 24, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I just fell for the ad. too! They somehow managed to get onto my state's Employment Office list. Each day, I'm sent an email from one of the state's employment offices with job listings. A local hamaceutical Sales Rep. opening appeared on the listing. When I clicked on it to read the specifics, it said you couldn't apply online & had to call a certain number which I did. You guessed it. I got the National Sales Group. It was easy to tell that she was a call center rep. with strict scripted answers. She wouldn't tell me anything about the job & said I'd have to sign up online to find out if the opening was still there or had been filled. Right away, I knew it was a scam. I'm sure she/they get paid a commission for every person that signs up for their services. If they won't give you even the most basic information on the phone after the ad says to contact them for more information about the job, it is a SCAM. SHAME ON YOU NATIONAL ACCOUNT SALES GROUP FOR PREYING ON PEOPLE WHO ARE DESPERATE FOR WORK IN THIS HARD TIMES!

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  • Ch
    Christopher Brown 1 Jul 10, 2009

    If you have complaints regarding this company, go to the the BBB (Better Business Bureau) web site so issues with this company can be tracked. This is the best way to see what is really going on.

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  • Da
    Dave Cousins Jul 11, 2009

    National Sales Group wants your "CREDIT CARD INFO" they want to charge the hell out of your credit card.

    NSG is an illusion they are a fake job placement service. They have the web page and all the little tricks to look professional but they are SCAM ARTISTS. Their only want is to get your "CREDIT CARD INFO" they will say it is for their service. But you get nothing you can use by them to really get a job. YOU WANT TO BLAME SOMEONE FOR THIS--BLAME CAREERBUILDER-MONSTER.COM AND OTHER ON LINE JOB SEARCH SITES BECAUSE THEY ALL KNOW IT IS A SCAM---BUT THEY ARE MAKING REVENUE FROM THIS SCAM AND THEY TURN THEIR HEADS FROM IT=====MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE!!!

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  • Os
    OSU! Jul 21, 2009

    National Sales Group will take your money any way they can. I cancelled my involvement with them 5 months ago. They continued to charge me every month. I called on 4/12, 5/14, 6/12 and 7/22/2009. On the first three calls, they told me they would cancel my membership. Today, when talking with one of their managers they asked for a confirmation number and the email they would have sent me and called me a liar. They never did and they continued to chagrge me. I asked for a refund on the charge for next month, the confirmation number and the email that their represnetative told me today that he had sent and I had not recieved. I was told they could not refund next months fees but I could have the cancellation number. How big of them. They have done nothing for their money and really are a huge rip off. Avoid at all costs!

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  • Br
    britt4409 Aug 18, 2009

    how do you avoid

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  • St
    stanjam Sep 15, 2009

    Dealt with them today. Just so you all know I have reported their web site to the Web Ring of Trust. If you use Firefox and have the WOT add on (good idea) you will now get a warning that they are not to be trusted. Hopefully this will help many people from getting taken!

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  • Da
    David Hogan Sep 15, 2009

    They strung me out for almost two months. They send me jobs that don't match my profile. They are condescending on the phone. I wasted so much time so I can't waste much more writing about it but if you have ever believed an online forum, believe this one. I can't better explain than all the people above. I read their stories and mine is so similar that I would just be rewriting what they said. I got on a level with one of the reps and asked him how he felt personally about the treatment of the customers and he said "Sir with all due respect I still have to get up and come to work tomorrow." He seemed like a nice guy but unwilling to stand up for what is right. I hope what I said to him causes him to take a stand because this company is really scamming people badly.

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  • Jo
    John McClain Sep 22, 2009

    Same experience here! First I was told there was a $15.00 resume posting fee, gave them the credit card #, the fee quickly rose to $39.00. Then I was told there is a sales booklet that would be sent, if I didn't want it I could return it for a refund. Total charges to my card today will be &98.00. Told the rep TROY at NSG that I wasn't comfortable with this at all and he hung up on me. I tried to call back on the extension he gave me, which of course didn't work! I quickly called my credit card company, and in the process of disputing the charges, the bank who holds the card actually got on the phone with CAROL at NSG who agreed to send a return authorization for the book. I was told by CAROL during this call that $59.00 would be refunded upon receipt of the book. I told CAROL I wanted a full refund as TROY hung up on me, and she said that would never have happened. Of course not. I asked her to check the phone records at the recommendation of the bank in an earlier call, and CAROL agreed to do so and call me back. The bank rep heard all this as we were on a three-way call. Of course, no call after a week. So, I called in again to NSG to confirm the receipt of the book as this is part of the return instructions, and asked to speak with CAROL about the phone records. KYLE at NSG was ADAMANT that speaking to CAROL was not going to happen, I called again the following day, got KYLE again, who then confirmed receipt of the book. Told him I still wanted to hold CAROL responsible for a complete refund, he finally put me through to a manager who said she would issue a complete refund of $98.00 and close the account. Reported this to the bank, well see. Bottom line is these guys are COMPLETE LIARS! I am reporting them to the BBB, CA District Attorneys Office, Monster, Career Builder and anyone else I can think of in the interim!!!

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  • Ar
    armosley Oct 20, 2009

    Wow! I inquired about a Information Technology Sales position posted on Career Builder for the San Diego area which directed me to call 866.291.1330 ext 1100. I called that number and indicated to the rep that I was looking for more information with regards to the posting. The rep was very curt asking if I were looking for more information or looking for a job. I responded that I was looking for a job but also more information about the position. The rep then stated that he asked if I were looking for more information or a job for a reason and if I am looking for more information then visit their website then abruptly hung up. So I Googled the site as directed and found a plethora of complaints about this organization which now after reading this site and others they do appear to be a SCAM. I'm fortunate that the rep was rude to me by hanging up which saved me from being ripped off by this group. Job seekers beware!

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  • Az
    AZman Oct 22, 2009

    Stay Away from these predatory bottom feeding scam artists...why does Careerbuilders and Monster allow them to post bogus ads...? It's shameful!

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  • Us
    -USMC-Woman Oct 30, 2009

    I was scammed also. I called in today because I desparately needed a job. The woman on the phone, after spelling out what positions were available, told me that I needed to pay a $29.00 fee to set up a profile. At that moment, I knew that it was a scam. I've been scammed before, and I didn't want it to happen again. I asked her if I can do it online and she said no since we are connected we can do it over the phone, I automatically hung the phone up on her. Careerbuilders need to make sure that legitimate companies are making job offers on their website to stop these scams from ever happening again. I believe they should screen the companies before allowing them to post job offers.

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  • Ru
    rudy_ramos Nov 09, 2009

    This is a total scam and they should be brought to justice. I had an account with them and why not give it a try for only $36.00 to assist me while I am not on Monster, Carreer builder or Hot Jobs, I thought what the heck they can search for me when I am not.

    1 month later and only 6 possible job mathes posted, .. I applied and found after I called personally to follow up, that these postions had been filled weeks ago.

    What a rip off this company should be closed down!

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  • Wr
    wR3 Dec 01, 2009

    must be some type of branch out there calling themselves "NSG Pharmaceutical"

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  • Em
    emc33 Dec 10, 2009

    I agree with everyone's postings out there. This company sucks and they deserve to be sued or at a very minimum reported to the BBB. I hope other innocent soles looking for a new job don't get suckered into this ### (I mean scam) like so many others have. Career Builder... I hope you are ok for having this scummy business associated with your name. You've just lost some major points in my eyes.

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  • 08
    081 Jan 13, 2010

    Ditto to all above posts. I've had my resume with this company for 2 months--NOTHING! Except a charge, of course... This is a TOTAL SCAM and an absolute disgrace. Not to mention it really puts a bad face on the recruiting/staffing industry as a whole. Save your money and apply directly or use a recruiter that specializes in your industry. In talking with several recruiters, they told me some valuable info: DO NOT PAY ANYONE TO "PLACE" OR "ADVERTISE" OR "MARKET" YOUR RESUME. If they are a legitimate service, they only get paid (and VERY well, I might add) when they actually place a candidate with the employer. Their money comes as a fee charged to the employer, not the candidate. That's how they make $$$, not off of subscription fees and promises of interviews like NSG. I'm immediately reporting this group to the Better Business Bureau, and if you have been suckered by this organization, you should too...

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  • Em
    emolson Feb 03, 2010

    Thank you to all who posted comments and complaints about this group. I Googled National Sales Group after refusing to give my credit card information over the phone, and found this site. You all just saved me a bunch of money! I also reported that "company" to, so hopefully, they'll remove it from their listings.

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  • Mo
    molly21 Feb 25, 2010

    I called concerning job postings in my area. When asked for a credit care I becomes wary. However, like a fool, I gave it to them. Read this website and called my credit card and cancelled
    the transaction. I guess I thought career builders were legit. Now I know. How do we get these people off the net? Better Business Bureau does not seem to care.

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  • Ag
    AGGGG Apr 13, 2010

    Yep, I experienced the same thing. I saw a posting from CareerBuilder, saw that there was a phone # and figured that I'd give it a shot considering I've had a tough time and I'm about to graduate from college.

    So I call and this lady starts talkin to me, seems nice and all that but I was already confused about it b/c the description was vague and there is no physical location, so I was already suspicious but I played along. Then I ask her to tell me more about what they do and how it would benefit me. Finally, I started to understand what they were about and continued to play along.

    She says that she's going to mail me some documents that'll be used as a pre-screening and that I should start to get phone interviews within 2-4 weeks. Then she said if I move on to the next step, the 3rd/4th interviews would be on site with the specific company.

    Then she says I have to pay $29 and that's when I knew that it was a crock and it was bullcrap. The lady tried to act rude but I wouldn't have any of it. I'm only a college student but ###, I wasn't born yesterday either. I know these types of things happen and there are crooks out there.

    So I made sure not to give any credit card information, even though I gave my name and email address, that shouldn't be a problem. I'm just glad I was smart enough to realize it.

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  • Ja
    JamesDeFate Apr 16, 2010

    I wish I would have checked this post before I gave them my CC. I agreed to the $36, was told the $59 "Sales Book" was optional, but of course was charged for a book that is worth sbout $3. Now I've been trying for a refund for two weeks. I sent them an e-mail threatening to contact the California AG, and it looks like I should go ahead with the threat. Anyone contact the authorities in California? What a bunch of frauds!!!

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  • In
    Interchangeable May 27, 2010

    I pity anyone absent minded enough to give a ccard to them when in the job world it is the employer who pays the employee not the other way around. The FTC states if a employer wants you to pay them money with a credit card to get the job run for the hills and never look back and file a complaint with them. Of course its a scam people.

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  • Li
    Lilja Jun 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If someone charges your credit card without consent, simply dispute the charge. Real simple. If you didn't sign something, you automatically win. If you did, make sure that you send a letter or email canceling, then your CC company should not honor charges after that date.

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  • St
    stmikes1 Jun 18, 2010

    How do they stay in business?????? Attorney Generals where are you????

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  • In
    Investigative Ike Aug 06, 2010

    All I can say for now is THANK GOD I read these letters, and while I was on the phone, I did a little investigating to see if the company is legitimate-and "googled" National Sales Group.. I turned them down, and continued my research for work. I agree if these guys are scam artists, they should be shut down and fined!! It's unfortunate that there are companies are out there taking advantage of unemployed people trying to make an income for themselves and/or their families.
    This is one thing that is worth repeating: Download WOT, which is Web of Trust organization, which to my quick research determines if such business. Their words: The WOT add-on is a safe surfing tool for your browser. Our traffic-light rating symbols show which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web. I may look more into it, but maybe these people should be reported to the FTC--Federal Trade Commission, which their address is:

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  • Co
    college grad in los angeles Oct 07, 2010

    10/1/2010, october 1, 2010


    *******legally, and by the way, i can legally state ANY opinion, but i can NOT make an overreaching, generalized statement about a person or company. legally, anyone can say, write, publish, tweet, post and and print their own personal opinions and experiences.****** PLEASE READ ON.

    contacted by DAN, of national sales group, NSG, who left a message, on october 1, 2010, 10/1/2010, i was asked to call HIM, dan, back, regarding a sales application i "allegedly" submitted on i suppose or, the ONLY 2 search engines i use.

    well, fact, i did not, and have not submitted, in several years.

    why do i know this?

    because after applying all the large, medium sized and small companies for many years, and never getting a response, i have not applied to any pharma or pharmaceutical or medical device companies in over 2/two years.

    i can and have easily used google, and i have applied to maybe 10 different pharma companies in the past via direct web sites or monster or careerbuilder, and/or directly, but i have never received interest or a response from them or an interview. not one, never. i am over 30, a college graduate, and have a 4 year degree from a legitimate, brick and mortar university, which is nationally accredited, and is in the college and university pull down menu in all of the companies i have applied to on their web sites.

    my major was in the school of business and public administration department, NOT in biology, not chemistry, nor in life sciences. biology or chemistry are 99% a requirement for pharma jobs, i have noticed. also, i have NO prior pharma or medical device sales experience. i do have exclusively outside sales experience.

    my opinion, and observations, in seeing medical device reps and pharma reps when i have been in any of my doctor's office waiting rooms, in my whole life, is they only hire very, very young, good looking boys and girls UNDER 25 years old, period. which also would be recent college grads who could easily be male or female models. i am not ugly or fat. i am just not 25 and i am not a male model.

    source: my eyes.

    i see this when i notice them in parking lots with their rolling briefcases, samples in their hands, or in the building down stairs lobbys, or in the elevators with their name tags on. i have seen this my whole life. i have seen this when i notice them speaking to the office staff in doctor's offices and actually when they meet with doctors in the hallways of the doctor's offices.

    anyway, i called DAN of national sales group, NSG, back 10/1/2101, october 1, 2010, and DAN is NOT available. stephanie, of national sales group, NSG, says, who answers the phone after a 5/five minute wait on hold, DAN is just an someone who calls people, and is not available, and she does not have any information why DAN called me.

    ok, fine.

    then, i asked specific, detailed questions.

    fact: stephanie of national sales group, NSG, told me there was no SPECIFIC position, but that i would have to pay a $29.00 web hosting fee. also, i would have to pay for my own background check. i asked her if this was just a "drift net" to call prospects, or if they had a specific job match in mind.

    stephanie did NOT answer my questions directly, and said she did not know, as DAN called me. it was if DAN worked on the moon or something. but stephanie was very, very friendly, by the way. let me repeat, stephanie was very nice on the phone.

    i did NOT ask about any other national sales group, NSG, fees, be they monthly, or ala carte, in the present or future, as i was suspicious.

    i did NOT ask if there were other fees to "work" with their placement employees, recruiters, etc., as i was suspicious.

    so, here it goes. national sales group, NSG, in my own opinion, is a scam, a fraud, a rip off, a cheat.

    i have applied and worked for fortune 500 companies, and have never been asked to pay for my own background check. i have never achieved employment due to my paying for a recruiter asking me to pay for my resume to be posted on line, web hosted or using web hosting. ummmmm. email seems to work just fine in my experience.

    so, again, fact, i did NOT recently apply for a pharma job, and national sales group, NSG, is just fishing for suckers to rip off money from, in my own opinion.


    i live in los angeles, ca.

    if there are typos, i apologize, as i tried to check for them, and do not feel like spending hours reviewing this document.

    date this personal experience and my personal opinions was written is 10/4/2010, october 4, 2010

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  • We
    WestboundNDown Oct 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the previous posts. I was recently was contacted by this organization with the same gimmicks as everyone else here. I currently work in HR and immediately denied them my business as you ALL should. This company is a disgrace and is exploiting an already strained labor market. I see that many have contacted the BBB and so on. While that is great to hear, the only way to get anything done these days is public outcry not bureaucracy. We live in the era of tweets, blobs and text messages. People, leverage your social network against malicious companies like this. Tell your friends, your co workers, heck even tell the guy at McDonald's. Eventually word will spread that these guys are crooks and their scam will collapse.

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