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National Credit SolutionsInaccurate credit reporting for BMG debt

They posted a collections item to my credit report for BMG. I do not owe BMG a dime, . When I asked or confirmation of the debt, they sent m a letter stating they would validate the debt and remove the credit item.

It has ben ovr 30 days and tey have done neither. I have seen similar complaints renated to this company and BMG. BMG was acquired and the new owners must have done a dump of old records to NCS hoping to dupe past account holders into just caving in and paying these illegitimate collections. This is illegal and I hope others will report their experience here so we can take class action against NCS.


  • Be
    betico0310 Mar 24, 2009

    Right on!! I just ran my cerdit and found I was in collections and I have never purchased anything from BMG!! I am disputing right now on my credit report

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  • Yr
    yrg Mar 29, 2009

    I just went through the same thing!!! Someone has to put a stop to this company!!! The fact that one files a complaint does not guarantee that the collection account will be removed from the credit file unless one spends thousands of dollars in legal fees!!! I am still waiting to see the outcome of my dispute!!! If all people affected file a dispute the credit reporting agencies might realize that something fraudulent is going on!!!

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  • Lk
    lkatlin Apr 07, 2009

    I recently found a collection on my credit report from the company, National Credit Solutions, located in OKC, OK collecting for a BMG music. I contacted this NCS and asked them what this was for. They said it was for some mail order company for CD's. I tried to explain to them that I did not order anything from the named company and do not owe the $162 they are saying that I do. I have never been contacted by the company by mail or telephone telling me I owe this money. It just appeared on my credit report. When I contacted them myself to tell them they were reporting this in error they were beligerant, ugly, rude and wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. They told me what a terrible person I was because I didn't pay my bills. When I tried to tell them that I never ordered anything from this BMG place they said "sure I did" so I asked them for proof and they said since it is a "mail order" they didn't have to provide proof that I received anything. This has to be wrong. I have some scamming collection company that has gotten my name and social security number somehow and it trying to stick me for $162 or they can just leave a collection on my credit report? I asked them for a debt verification and they have yet to send it to me. They did tell me over the phone as they were laughing at me that all they had to do is send me a letter saying they "verified" the debt...they are not required to send proof. How can businesses exist like this..this is harrassment and not to mention just plain wrong.

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  • Co
    Consumer Advocate May 02, 2009

    I too just learned that my great credit scored has dropped as a result of frivilous, erroneous debt collections placed on my credit report by NCS. All of a sudden, my credit limits have been decreased signficantly as a result of NCS' reportings. Folks who find themselves in this situation need to understand your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting and Debt Collections Practices (see I know my right and will not allow the unfair practices of NCS to continue to go unaddressed.



    For example my $27 line of credit which had a balance of $7k, resulting in debt ratio of 26%, is now at 70% because my credit line was decreased to $10k!

    Stop this injustics. Email me at [protected]

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  • Al
    AllNCSBMG May 17, 2009

    Everyone that got collection letters from National Credit Solutions related to BMG debt that never existed, should file a complaint with the Central Oklahoma BBB.

    Central Oklahoma BBB:

    National Credit Solutions
    PO Box 15779
    Oklahoma City, OK [protected]
    View Report | File Complaint

    It's mind blogging that National Credit Solutions is involved in this scam, yet they still have an "A" rating with the BBB.

    NCS is blatantly scamming honest citizens by damaging their credit history with bogus debt, and then trying to blackmail them by asking for money in exchange for removing derogatory entries from credit reports.

    TAKE ACTION NOW and file a complaint with the Central Oklahoma BBB.

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  • Ro
    Ros May 20, 2009

    The same happened to me. I used to have an account with BMG a couple of years ago which I paid in full before closing. Now I logon to my credit report to see this. I have put in a dispute with experian online thru the credit report and now I am going to send a Validation letter. I believe if they have no proof they have to remove it immediately.

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  • Se
    Servicemember Scammed May 21, 2009

    All, I am in the same boat. I just found out something was wrong with my credit when I went to apply for a refinance on my auto loan and I was denied, that's never happened to me. I checked my credit report and found "National Credit Solutions" has taken me to collection for $21 from BMG Music, which I've never used. I'm in the military and have been overseas for quite some time and have been back this year. Had this even been me, no letter was ever received from NCS on my behalf to correct this error, instead, they just reported to Experian. My credit score went from 780 to 694 over night, unbelievable. My two Senator's and lone Congressman are going to love the fact that a company is trying to scam U.S. Servicemembers and destroy their credit while they've been serving this country.

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  • Li
    Lisa19072 Jun 08, 2009

    If you see that NCS has reported something to your credit report this means that the account has been overdue for an extended amount of time and the original creditor has transferred your uncollected debt to National Credit Solutions for collection. Someone had to provide two types of identification and legitimate credit card or payment information for these original transactions... so whether it was you ordering from BMG a long time ago and you just can't remember OR it was someone with your information ordering the merchandise EAITHER WAY the order is under your name because of the information that was provided. If you submit a WRITTEN request for validation NCS will supply that to you no problem at all ( they have 30 days to get it to you)

    You may or may not have been contacted by the original creditor for attempts to receive payment before they handed over the account to a 3rd party collections agency. It stinks to find something on your credit report without any warning HOWEVER once the account is handed down to a collections agency they have the right to report it to the Credit Bureau without notification (With the exceptions of 3 states).

    NCS is a certified and licensed collections agency and is in compliance with regulatory state laws. They are NOT a scam or fraud because they were thuroughly inspected and passed in order to be able to report to the credit bureau. They are also rated A+ with the BBB.

    NCS contacts the credit bureau ever Friday for updates. Many other agencies contact the credit bureau every month making any updates and clearing your credit a much slower and strenuous process. After NCS receives contact from you or contacts you personally, 5 days from this initial contact you will receive a letter stating your rights and the amount owed. If they don't hear back from you it is assumed that you have received the notice.

    After receiving this first notification from NCS you have 30 days to send in a formal written request for validation. After 30 days NCS is not legally obligated to send you a validation but may or may not as a common courtesy.

    It is very important to resolve any issues with collections agencies in order to avoid increasing fees and to maintain a good credit score. Some people might say don’t pay, reporting to your credit is just a bullying tactic. This is bad advice because the longer you wait to pay your debt the more fees build and your credit worsens. In extreme cases your credit card may be cancelled, you may be refused a loan or unable to make any serious purchases.

    Full payment, payment plan, settlement?

    There is a difference in each of these options and how it affects your credit report. Also keep in mind that the quicker you resolve your debts with the agency the better -- as the account sits in the system it accumulates interest fees and becomes more and more expensive with time. Stay calm and make an informed decision, but do not blow your payment off. This only costs you more in the long run.

    Full Payment- quickest, gaurentees that your credit will be cleared

    Payment Plan -National Credit Solutions offers various payment plans over extended periods of time based on how much you are financially able to pay. This process takes longer to clear your credit but eventually does. they can set up automatic withdrawals according to the payment plan you have established.

    Hardship Settlement- On a case by case basis NCS may or may not qualify you for a hardship settlement after assessing your situation and financial standing. Different factors affect thier ability to settle such as ownership of the account and what type of account it is. If you chose this option your credit report will show that you settled for less than the legal amount owed. They can't gaurentee the degree to which your credit will improve it varies in each situation.

    Best way of paying
    They accept payments over the phone or by mail, from checking, savings, credit or debit cards, mail orders, or cashiers checks. (Discover, Visa, MasterCard only) They will prob. encourage you to pay over the phone which I was uneasy of at first but when I checked into it i was told this was for a few reasons. It is a lot faster and actually more secure to pay via phone. If you mail in your payment there is a difference in the amount paid versus the final balance ( which includes any fees that were accumulated while your payment was in the mail).

    They really do want to help you close out your account at NCS because that is in thier best interest too. People who I have talked to say that they are more flexible if you are nice and communicate clearly.

    After I pay how long will it take to get it off my credit?

    NCS reports to the Credit Bureau with any updates to your credit every Friday. This ensures quicker updates than many other agencies out there. All that NCS can do however is notify the Credit Bureau and after that it is their obligation to make any changes as they see fit. The time that it takes to see any immediate results or removal varies tho.

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  • Li
    Lisa19072 Jun 08, 2009

    Oh yea two other options... Cease & Desist/ Dispute

    Cease and Desist is a formally written request. Be advised, cease and desist does not make debt go away. Requesting cease and desist will simply terminate any written or verbal communication towards you from NCS employees. NCS will honor this request. However, the debt will still show up on the consumers credit report, the account is still open, and the individual is still held accountable for the debt.But don't send a cease and desist and ask for verification...that doesn't make sense.

    If you are disputing the debt it is best to file your dispute through or, or mail it directly to NCS addressed to Blake Taylor for the quickest response.

    1.) After a dispute is received by NCS they commence an investigation that can take up to 30 days.
    2.) You must provide proof.

    If you feel that this debt is not yours and you have legitimate proof to clear the account from your name then we suggest that you file a dispute. After our office receives a dispute an investigation is taken up that lasts 30 days. After this 30 day period NCS has 30 days to contact you. This takes time.

    If for example you are disputing the debt of the grounds of identity theft you must provide a police report and the identity theft affidavit for that relevant period of time when the debt occurred.

    Or a person above mentioned they were overseas serving with the military...send in your papers/documents and if you have proof that at the TIME of the transaction you were not in that place then of course they will close your account immediatly. With millions of accounts there are bound to be mistakes or cases of fraud HOWEVER many people claim identity theft with no proof in an attempt to get out of paying.

    any other questions let me here to talk!

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  • Mo
    Monica Jun 09, 2009

    I do agree with what Lisa is stating. I was 3 days away from closing on my home when I noticed a Sage Telecom account pop up on my credit report. I had absolutely no idea what Sage Telecom was. I spoke with a rep. by the name of Elisabeth Perez at ext. 105, that informed me that many companies do go through Sage in order for you to obtain an open phone line to use. I then contacted At&t, the service in which I use, and was informed that they do, however, use Sage Telecom. They verified everything I needed to know. Then, of course I felt the need to call Sage with my questions. They gave me the service address as well as the phone number the debt had aquired from.

    As well as many other people, I did in fact go through all the complaints I could find online for NCS. I did notice quite a few of them out there, and I'm not going to lie, they did alter my decision to not pay my bill at first. I figured, if so many people have a problem with them why should I be any different? Then after actually looking into the bill and doing my part of investigating I did in fact find out that the bill was not eronios, that it was my actual debt.

    Once speaking with Elizabeth she informed me that if the full balance was paid they would send over a request to the Credit Bureaus for it to be removed from my credit report. She even told me that if I couldn't pay it all at once that she would set me up on payments and help me out with getting my credit cleared up! Now, I know collections isn't customer services but she made me feel as if she did care about what I was saying and what I was going through. She gave me time to talk and listened to what I had to say! She eased my mind with the whole process.

    After paying my bill and getting my payment receipt faxed where I needed it to go I tried to submit a compliment on NCS and Elizabeth with the BBB as well as many of the online forums. None would accept them? Even though I'm just one compliment out of many complaints I'm hoping I do make a difference and maybe I can ease everyone's mind just a bit.

    If you do need to contact them I recommend speaking with Elisabeth Perez at ext. 105. While on the phone with her I did hear yelling in the background and she never so much as raised her voice at me. It made the process a lot more comfortable.

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  • Ca
    CabotBears Nov 21, 2009

    My son recently turned 18 when he ran his credit report there are reports from NCS and a Book of the month club from when he would of been 15 and they have yet to remove it!

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  • Za
    zapme01 Feb 02, 2010

    I have the same story as the rest of you. The only thing that helped was filing a complaint with the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission. Filling a complaint with the credit reporting agencies did not help at all. NCS finally agreed to close the account and send it back to BMG which is no longer in business.

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  • No
    notgonnabackdownthistime Feb 27, 2010

    NCS reports to the Credit Bureau with any updates to your credit every Friday. This ensures quicker updates than many other agencies out there. All that NCS can do however is notify the Credit Bureau and after that it is their obligation to make any changes as they see fit. The time that it takes to see any immediate results or removal varies tho.

    Regarding the above quote from "Lisa" who is in fact trying to collect a debt for NCS by what she is suggesting you do. By reporting weekly to credit bureaus you are not being efficient. That is a load of crap. BY REPORTING EVERY SINGLE WEEK YOU ARE USING ABUSIVE COLLECTION PRACTICES BY BADGERING CONSUMERS INTO PAYING BOGUS DEBT!

    Who are you kidding Lisa? My story with this unscrupulous company is almost identical to all of yours and I have followed all the rules on how to dispute the bull**** debt they are trying to collect from me.

    I don't owe NCS, BMG nor Direct Brands a dime! I will not stop until my name and good credit is restore. I have filed a complaint with the FTC, the Attorney General of Oklahoma and Minnesota and the BBB.

    You should be ashamed to work for such an unscrupulous company. What your company is doing is nothing short of "legalized extortion" and you know it.

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  • Ke
    kelliem Jun 13, 2010

    Lisa, you said to provide proof even if the debt isn't yours...where exactly would one obtain proof on a debt that was never acquired? There are no receipts on a nonexistent debt. What an idiotic statement. You obviously work for NCS. Your parents must be so proud.

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  • Ke
    kelliem Jun 13, 2010

    This is absolutely a scam. They say I opened the account with BMG in Jan 2010, BMG was closed down in 2008. How do you open an account with a closed company????

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  • Sp
    sparky989 Jan 14, 2011

    i have a collection from NCS on my credit report also. The original creditor was hollywood video who has been out of business for over 1 year. I found out it was for $15.oo dollars in late fees. They now say i owe hollywood video $154.00 plus i owe NCS another $75.oo for a total of $229.00 for a 15.00 late fee that i am not sure i ever really even had. I have sent a registered letter asking for proof and have also filed complaints with the Mich Atty. General and FTC and also with transunion.

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  • Je
    Jenyo Jan 18, 2011

    I have just found out that this company also have a debt of on my credit report. this is absurd, i contacted them about this back in 2009 upon receiving a letter from them and i was advised they will investigate it and espong it if necessary once they receive a letter of prove from me and i did that; obvoiusly now in 2011 i am now finding out that the debt landed on my credit report. Someone please stop this people because i am not owing and i have never bought anything from BMG.

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  • St
    sthompsrrrr Jan 21, 2011

    This is pure extorsion!!! NCS does not contact you claiming you owe money. The first thing they do is put the dept on your credit report so when you try for a loan it will show as bad credit and there will be a need for you to pay this right away to get this off your report. Fight these people. My so called dept was from Hollywood video. they say I had late fees owed. they also said that I returned the game but still was being charged for the game because I did not pay the late fees. You must file reports with anyone that will listen. This company just prays on the weak and knows that if they go after enough people a certain percentage will just pay to get this cleared up. EXTORSION.

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  • Ra
    Rayt30 Feb 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife got one of these letters this week. I did some homework, sent off the recommended denial of debt letter (registered/return receipt) and filed a formal complaint with the Kansas Attorney General (I live in Kansas) as well as the OK AG office, the Federal Trade Commission as well as the US Postal Service with a complaint of mail fraud. I called the company today to ask some general questions, and was told that due to a legal investigation by the Kansas Attorney General, they are ceasing any collection efforts in KS until the investigation is complete. I called the AG;'s office and confirmed, a legal investigation was initiated this week in Kansas. Hopefully these crooks will be shut down!

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  • Si
    SickOfThis2011 Mar 02, 2011

    That is kinda unintelligent to say Lisa if you don't owe the debt. Most places ship so NCS should have tracking numbers for these so called orders so they have to prove it was you. If NCS was to take someone to court and the person say they don't owe it it is NCS responsiblity to prove that who they sue actually ordered it. Not the person being sued and a just a list of music/dvds won't cut it. One thing I know its bogus cause I don't ship nothing to my home address. And if NCS is so innocent as you claim then why they put on credit instead of contacting someone?? FDCPA states they have to contact you of allege debt beforehand to give the consumer a chance to dispute the debt. You want to know why because majority of the debts are not valid so to get money slap it on their credit cause it won't come off. Plus why would the bbb remove NCS as a registered BBB company and so many states filing suits against NCS if they follow the laws. So the different States that going after NCS is wrong and NCS right. Thank you for enlightening us.

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