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On 7/7/2018 I bought a flight ticket from Qatar airways through a travel agency (My tickets to India), the cost was $2050.00. My reservation code is ‘OMFS8E'. According to 1st issued ticket my travel date was October 4, 2018. On 13th of September I was trying to change my travel date on 19th of September 2018 due to some serious medical issue of my wife. One of the travel agents help me to get date changed ticket for 19th of September and asked $1100.00 for that. I paid that money and I got confirmed tickets. Suddenly after two hours I got a mail from same travel agent that airline charged wrong amount for date change you must pay $734.00/ticket which I denied. On 13th of September they canceled my both ticket (4th October/19th September), which cause a serious loss to my wife. Now travel agency denied giving refund and pushing me to take alternate date. According to my wife's doctor we had to fly that week or after two weeks. I asked travel agent to keep my original ticket because date change never happen (according to them). They had no answer, I never got reliable answer about my refund or ticket. Then I bought alternate ticket and flew to India on same day.
On October 2018 travel agency offered me open ticket for same booking, only mentioned date change penalty will be waived off but I must pay fare difference. They made many confusions about open ticket too; they have never answered. Unfortunately, since last year I was very busy for my wife health. I have contacted with them again for that ticket and they were asking me absurd amount to change ticket. I denied paying that much because being a student I do not have much money. At last My tickets to India admit their mistake and ready to pay half amount of fare difference, but no further date change or cancellation will be allowed.
I like to ask few questions in this matter, first, date change is a crime for Qatar? They are superior, so, they can do anything they want. Why I am not able to get refund? Or why they are very strict about that booking, although it was not my mistake. If I asked these questions to travel agency, they are saying airline mistake. If I am trying to contact airline, airline is saying contact travel agency. Can you please let me know where can I go for that misconduct?
Being a student $2050.00 is lot to me, I had to travel to India with alternate ticket for this mistake. Since last year I am in trauma and mental pressure for that. I asked Mr. Girsh Sharma, CEO of My tickets to India which does not works for me. I have all proof of mail conversation which I can provide. Previously travel agent asked me Dr's certificate, which I have provided, but they have concluded that it does not prove that she can't travel on 4th October. This signify that I did a serious crime by attempting date change.




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    It is unlikely that such your complaint can be satisfied anywhere.
    If you wish some one to investigate the case, you need to submit the details, such as, in minimum:
    -your full nmae and rsdent address
    - the correct authority or the court in your place of the residence or of travel agent,
    - description of the events in timely manner,
    - to attach the final eticket and receipt, issued by the travel agent
    - your explantions, why the travel agent is guity in the lack of the services related to your exact payment / change of the contract (eticket),
    - what do you need in the result -= your exact claim(s) to your unidentified travel agent.

    The international air ticket is valid 1 year, upon other shorter condition is stated in the text of the ticket.

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