My Air Ticketticket cancelled by informing the passenger

E Aug 05, 2018

Alfursan No. [protected]

I bought a ticket for travelling from JED to RUH on 03/08/2018 21.00 Booking Ref: WUIO7P and return flight on 05/08/2018 RUH to JED 08.00AM Ref: JPWG6G and both ticket confirmed by Saudi airlines, we received the conformation email also.

Then today morning i go to the airport in Riyadh, the staff said that the ticket is cancelled and i check with my mobile, there is no ticket

How could it happen?

we didn't receive and SMS/Email for Cancellation

we didn't cancel the ticket and i check with the Ref. no WUIO7P it's showing on the flight scheduled in evening 16:00

i have to come to Jeddah for an urgent meeting 05/08/2018 on 11:00AM and it's a big meeting for my business and my carrier, it Lost by Saudi Airlines

Finally i purchased a new ticket for travelling 05/08/2018 at 10:00AM

This is the first Experience in my life travelling to Saudi airlines and i use to travel always in Saudi airlines and i have good track in AlFursan also, I purchased a ticket for traveling in PORT SUDAN for the this week (07/08/2018)

It's been a personal insult happened by Saudi Airlines

I need to refund the ticket amount and compensation for the inconvenience happened by Saudi Airlines.

My Air Ticket

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