Mr. Tiretire replacement

C Dec 13, 2019

My name is Carolyn Grobes. I've got a BIG COMPLAINT. Your store in Clinton RIPPED my mom off! Last January I took my car in and replaced 2 Firestone tires with Michelin tires. At the time I only needed 2 not 4 new times so I left 2 Firestone tires on my car. Recently my mom has a blow out on the Beltway and took the car in to replace the remaining 2 Firestone's with 2 Michelin tires. My first complaint which I called and spoke to the manager about was the mechanic that serviced my car threw my spare tire in my truck without securing it in the tire well. As a woman that's an inconvenience. I can't lift the spare and had to have my nephew come over to my house and do it. A few days after I had the 2 tires replaced my car started running funny. My fear was that the wrong size tires were on the car and since my mom took it up there I sent her back - only to find that there was STILL a Firestone tire ON the car. It's obvious to me that your mechanic DID NOT REPLACE one of the tires, because IF he had I'd ONLY have Michelin tires ON my car. My mom may not look her age, but she's elderly and I believe she's been taken advantage of! I'm ANGRY and I'm going to file complaints with the BBB and States Attorneys Office. There was NO reason I should have a Firestone tire ON my car when that's what my mother took in to be replaced. I'm not going to your store again, and I'm going to make sure nobody I reach thru my complaints does either. Nothing WORST then stores that take advantage of women and the elderly - especially mechanical stores.

  • Updated by Carolyn Grobes · Dec 13, 2019

    I have to withdraw my complaint. The manager of the store called me. Looked thru my history and saw where the mistake was made. He's fixing the situation and I'm happy now. Thank you Mr. Shane.

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