Mr. Lube Canadaoil change

T Apr 07, 2019

I did an oil change bout 3 week ago I went to a mechanic not shortly after because of noise in my engine to find out not enough oil in my car same location refused to put my wiper blades on my car and when your oil change is done they make you sit outside and wait for 10 minutes to pay and this is when your done in the beginning I started to go to mr. Lube because of the extra checks and top ups on fluids at ur overlea location you get your windows washed and you are lucky if they inflate your tires and don't pretend to. Also my car is in miles evertime I go into this location some employees will put it into mile on the sticker but then some of them will tell me it can't be done when request. I should know when my oil change is up I should not have to convert it. My mechanic converts it into miles for me and I pay cheaper for their service and the extras that u get charge for this location does not provide it and this is when there no busy. Thank u for taking the time to read my complaint I do hope this problem get resolved.

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