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Mi Oct 02, 2019 Review updated:

Good morning,
I am sending this email to inform you of my most recent experience with Motel 6. I recently traveled to Carson, California and stayed at the Motel 6 located 888 E Dominguez St, Carson, Ca., 90746. The lobby appeared clean and staff seemed okay. When I paid for 3 nights; 9/28 thru 10/1, I asked for a downstairs room in which, I did receive. Once I gathered my bags and went to the room, the door was difficult to open as, it appeared to be stuck. After prying the door open, I set my things down. I went to use the bathroom and found numerous Nat's/Flies, in the sink. Several had flown around the room on the table and near the window. That 1st night, I saw an employee and ask about the fly problem. He stated that he would clean the sink with bleach and spray for bugs. I also complained about the door & having to kick it to get it to open.

Later that night when I returned to the room, I tried to close the curtain but, it wouldn't close properly. There remained a 4 to 5 inch gap from the wall and the curtains were in poor condition. I figured I would only be in town for a few days and I had already spent the money. When I turned on the TV, it appeared that the color tube was gong out because the picture was very dark on the screen. I knew I would share my thoughts but, I would wait until the day I checked out.

The next day when I left the room and returned, the door seemed better but, I still had a bad fly problem. I couldn't eat in the room for fear that the flies would be in my food. Every morning I took a shower, there were flies on the shower curtain. When I brushed my teeth, the flies would come from out of the sink and fly around the mirror. By September 30, 2019, the door was once again stuck and still, files remained everywhere. My 3 days were spent fighting & swatting flies & kicking open a stuck door.

On October 1, 2019 at approximately 9:30AM, I checked out of the motel. I complained to the young lady at the counter who seemed to not care. She stated, "we know we have a problem with sewer flies sorry, we've been dealing with this for a long time now. I continued to complain and I was offered no resolution or compensation for my terrible experiences. The young lady just frowned and told me I needed to sign my receipt. I also stated that I would not stay in another Motel 6 and asked for compensation in which, I was told that there was nothing they could do. What a waste!

I have yet to blast this location on social media and yelp review as I felt, people need to know about this location. I a writing to you to ask for a partial refund for my stay seeing that your staff didn't care and your service was horrible. Please know that my conf no. is 4665AIE390 Room #129. At $100 per night, I expected a much better experience. I have been managing for over 35 years and this by far`was an experience that I would have never tolerated from my staff. Your management team needs to focus more on Improving Everyday i.e... Focus on what matters most; embrace company standards and processes; Your Management need to focus on change to make guests experiences better; Your company should solicit ideas from management and subordinates to assist with making things better. I have used Motel 6 a few times in the past, in other states and this by far is the worst location ever.

In closing, I only ask that you make it right and offer a full refund since your associates are not empowered to do so. Please know that I intend to tell everyone I know, of this unpleasant experiences and how I was handled by your customer service associates at the check-in counter.

Sheree Scott
Frustrated Guest

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