Motel 6management

La Sep 30, 2019

All I have to say is the motel 6 in nashua nh is so bad that the people that work their just say i'll have my manager talk to you about whatever may be going on and they never get back to you! The manager is so disrespectful to people and acts like she's better than everyone. When in fact she's a little girl. Shes prolly only 30 years old.. All the rooms there are half ass cleaned or even not cleaned at all. This place has bed bugs and other bug problems that they don't take care of!.. This place needs a whole new working crew!... The front desk people are very rude, they don't really have any discounts for certain things when other motel 6s do, this place is a [censored] whole and needs to be shut down.. I feel bad for anyone that works there bc they prolly get treated like door mats and talked to like their little children!!!.. Dont ever rent from motel 6 nashua nh on exit 5 at 2 progress ave!!! Grosssss!!!.. There's always drunk people outside their rooms even drug deals going down outside and even in some rooms. They allow drug dealers and alot of drug users stay at this location.. On many occasions I have found dirty needles in some of the rooms that were never taken out by house keepers.. Blood on the walls blood on the ceiling!!!.. [censored]ing place is dirty and a joke for a company!!!

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