Morning Star Academylack of services


Received no communication throughout the year, accused of lying about it ... they do not completely provide the services they state ... teachers not online, messages not returned, numerous calls to support with no resolutions. My son offended a policy, was suspended for a day ... the day started one minute after midnight the first day, continued to one minute before midnight the second day and they called that a one day suspension. It was 48 hours! They offered a mere 7 hours back, but only because they wanted me off the phone. They refuse to offer any grace toward my son and our situation. We have an ongoing issue with almost every class, but teachers don't respond to their mail. Also, log time does not compute correctly... I was online on my sons account for 45 minutes and it logged only 13. Really disappointing organization... I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL! WE'RE OUTTA THERE!

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