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Courses paid for, but son could not attend. Several dozen e-mails and no return. Finally 4 months later a reply comes that said, sorry no refunds...Lots of money down the drain. And these people call themselves christian. I want my money back!

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Morning Star Academy - lack of services
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Nadine R.
, US
Dec 13, 2018 2:10 pm EST

Morning Star Academy: we talked to "SALLY" enrolled our daughter, agreed to the monthly installments of $279 plus the origination fee. We were sent an amortization with the dates and amounts of our monthly payments.
Our daughter NEVER spoke to ANYONE, all work completed online and submitted when in fact you could submit as they always experienced computer difficulty.
OUT OF NO WHERE, WITHOUT WARNING, they went into our checking account, without permission, and took hundreds of dollars claiming "supply fees" What supplies? We never received anything! We were never advised of supplies at inception as everything is completed online.
I demanded a refund under the threat of legal action and "SALLY" did refunded us via money order. I cancelled our checking account and credit card immediately. I advised Sally that due to their dishonesty we were requesting a full refund as we were signing our child up for another accredited online school.
Today, I received a collection call for the monthly payment, I reiterated that we left their school and that I want a refund or I will move forward with litigation... Sally's response: " I'm calling DFPS - Department of Family Services and reporting you as an abusive parent." and hung up! So, if you challenger the validity of this organization, or request a refund due to invalid services and THEFT - they will threaten you with unsubstantiated, absolutely ridiculous, threats. I AM NOT BACKING DOWN. I AM FILING A POLICE REPORT TODAY! EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE KNOWS WHAT DEDICATED PARENTS WE ARE! I am contacting the Department of Education and any other qualifying action against this organization. NEW PARENTS - BEWARE!

Resonable but angry
Arvada, US
Oct 22, 2010 11:24 pm EDT
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Boy, I wish I would have done more research on The Morning Star Academy myself. The organization has an F rating with the BBB which only supports my experience. The on line time log does indeed fail to record hours. Even when you jump through the log- in hoops for the study hall it will log you out. The supplemental disc worked inconsistently resulting in lots of wasted time and frustration trying to get things to work. But the final straws were their billing practices and horrible customer service. We had struggled through the school year, were in the Extended Summer Session, for another $199, so my daughter could complete the school year. Things seemed to be smoothing out so I enrolled her in this school year as well. Without warning, they hit my credit card for an additional $195. When I called to ask about the charge they would not listen, the office person talked over me and kept interrupting. When I got upset and raised my voice she kept yelling at me to calm down. This is a pattern with almost everyone I have been on the phone with from this organization. Finally, I got some one who would listen. This person told me I should have expected the charge since it was for shipping school supplies in Aug. This charge was made in June. She said they didn't have to notify me since they had my credit card on file. Needless to say I decided at that point to dis enroll from [protected] school year. However to finish the summer session we had to stay enrolled for my daughter to get credit for [protected]. Some computer issue they assured me that we could take care of at the end of Summer. Getting a refund on the money I had already paid toward the next school year was also a convoluted nightmare. I did remove the credit card info. We finished the school year in August, ordered transcripts, ( which I was told would be sent with in two days, six weeks and two phone calls later they arrived). In the mean time I sent both an email request and called to dis enroll my daughter. I was assured by the unidentified person on the phone that she was dis enrolled. Then I started getting email notices of a growing balance pass due on my account. When I called to check in September they said they just needed to dis enroll her. So once again they said it was done. Then again the first of October I got another email about a balance past due. I sent back an email requesting written documentation of the correct zero balance and of my daughters dis enrollment, no response. Again at the end of October I get yet another email about an account balance past due. Now understand I called these people over and over again. I asked, "What do I need to do to get this straight?". Each time the person on the other end would interrupt me with some explanation about how it wasn't their fault. Seems their computer program runs them. When I would ask for them to simply listen I was told, in rapid fire, to calm down. They are rude, condescending, arrogant, hateful people. Today I am still trying to get my daughter dis enrolled. They say again it is done. They refuse request for written documentation of my zero account, although they say it is zero. They also deny my request for proof of her dis enrollment. They are marginally polite when they are getting your money, after they've got it they have no time for your concerns. I wonder what exactly is in it for them to make it look like my daughter is still enrolled. It can't be that difficult to dis enroll, yet they can't get it right. Never once have they offered an apology for the inconvenience. The BBB gives them an F because they fail to respond to filed complaints, They are obviously unprofessional. they don't care about their own reputation so don't expect them to care about you. Please, don't ignore these complaints, save yourself an awful experience and find a different home school program. Be aware they do have several names. Wonder what they are trying to hide? Sincerely a reasonable person.

, US
Jun 29, 2009 12:45 pm EDT

Received no communication throughout the year, accused of lying about it ... they do not completely provide the services they state ... teachers not online, messages not returned, numerous calls to support with no resolutions. My son offended a policy, was suspended for a day ... the day started one minute after midnight the first day, continued to one minute before midnight the second day and they called that a one day suspension. It was 48 hours! They refuse to offer any grace toward my son and our situation. Also, log time does not compute correctly... I was online on my sons account for 45 minutes and it logged only 13. Really disappointing organization... I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL!