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I went to this school about 13 years ago for medical office administration, we were all promised to find a job after the 9 month program. When we finished school, they gave is a NEWSPAPER to look for a job !! I am now still paying on student loans (because I have had to defer them so much, due to not working) I have never had a job due to the diploma from them. I want to get in on a class action lawsuit if anyone has one going please contact me tiffany.[protected]

Medvance Instituteschool of lies

I'm a single mother went to medvance institute in houston texas on westpark. I did very well in the sterile processing course & completed the entire course. After 2 years still no job just left with student loans. I need to find someome who has sued this fake school & a way for them to pay back the student loan.

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    MedVance must pay Sep 28, 2013

    I went also there is one other person I have kept in touch with who feels the same way. We are all in similar situations and I'm sure there is more of us I think we really should take our case to a lawyer.

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    Genevieve Matthews Apr 21, 2015

    I completed the Medvance Institute MA program in 2005. After the registrar completing the FAFSA for me I was put on a payment program that evened out the remainder of my tuition through out the time I was attending. After passing all my classes and exams and making all my payments (with my receipt that said paid in full), I waited to receive my Certificate. I finally had to go down to the school. They told me to go to the Registrars office because something was wrong with my records. When I got there, the "NEW" registrar told me that the school never sent for my certificate because I didn't make my payments, and I still owed $5000+. I argued with her that I paid my portion and that my student loans were supposed to cover the rest. SHe said I didn't have student loans for the rest of the year because ... Quote " the previous registrar did not apply for my FAFSA". No one had ever called me asking about it either. This happened to many of the students that year.

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Medvance Institutedo not attend

Do not attend this school. Everyone regrets it, including me. It is a complete waste of time and money. They do not help you I repeat they do not help you find jobs. This school has a bad rep every state you go. They put you any where to intern instead of putting you somewhere that's hiring. It really sucks to be a medvance alumni and I wish I would've done my research before I got in. Then, you pay every month and you dont see your financial aide. The financial aide rep says you're supposed to see your money. This is a big scam. Do not attend. Ask any one who went to medvance if you think i'm lying.

Medvance Institute — fraud

I went to MedVance and fully expected to find a position. I had 20+ years of a business management background and was told over and over; "You will find a position easily because...

Medvance Institute — terrible experience!

I was nurse student of Medvance and I did a first semester and I got good grades but at second semester one of teacher on clinicals try to difficult my learning, I am from another...