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E Aug 10, 2018 Review updated:

I wish I would have checked into them more before I took a 500 loan. Now they are saying I have to pay almost 3000 back. I don't know what to do I live on a fixed income, they are killing me financially. They emailed me and according to them I will be getting money taken from my account every month until August 2019. This is ridiculous. Bad part is I can't seem to find anyone who can help me with this. At a total loss for words.

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  • Ki
    Kiki1980 Sep 05, 2018

    This company is a disgrace. They have an hidden agenda, and take pride in being deceitful loan sharks. They application process is vague and full of lies. They are not upfront about the APR, nor the breakdown during the application process. They need to be shut down, and fined for the lies they tell customers. They are ignorant and full of trash.

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  • Ma
    Marcus Beltz Jul 30, 2019

    These people rip you off and take advantage of people in need of emergency funding. I am mad at myself for evening getting involved with this organization. Corrupt!!! I had no other choice.

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  • Ma
    Marcus Beltz Nov 30, 2019

    I borrowed $900. I have already paid back $1345. I still owe $1750. A $500 payment is scheduled to come out Monday. How in the hell is this legal? They come across as if they think they are actually helping me. This should be illegal. Anyone have any suggestions?

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