Money Gramwire service

Aug 07, 2018

I tried to send wires to people in need in Ghana and Nigeria. I am blocked on Money Gram. I don't wire to random people though what is wrong with that? It's not illegal. Just because these areas are considered high scam doesn't mean everyone is a scammer. There are scams all over the world and in the US. More training is needed to advise of how many different ways people conduct business especially with international law, country law and US law. Besides if I am stupid enough to send money to a scammer well then that is my fault. I shouldn't be schooled by a wire service or any other financial service as to how to conduct my business. So every time Money Gram blocks a wire I wonder how many innocent people in need are hurt. These stupid questions of security are an invasion of my privacy. I go to a service to wire money that is all not tell the story of my life.

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