Moe's Southwest Grillterrible delivery service/never received refund

My boyfriend and I always come in and dine at Moe's but we decided to use the app and have our order delivered instead (first time using the delivery service). We ordered around 4:30 and we were given about a 30 minute wait time. Order #[protected]. After waiting about 45 minutes and watching our driver circle around (the app allows you to check the drivers location) we decided to call Moe's, to let them know our wait time goes from 8 minutes to 7 minutes to 5 minutes, then jumps back up to 10 minutes. At this point, I needed to leave for work soon and we still had not received our food. I spoke to Nick on the phone who apologized and offered to either make our order again and have it sent back out (at this point I did not have the time to wait), refund store credit for next time, or to refund my boyfriends card for the 3 rice bowls. We decided to get the refund. Another 15 minutes pass and the food arrives (taking about an hour) my boyfriend noticed a bunch of other fast food bags in the drivers car so we were thinking maybe he kept taking on more deliveries and orders before dropping off ours. I called Nick back to let him know our food did arrive but it was no longer hot and turned to mush. My boyfriend was missing toppings in his bowl and my mother got her order as a meal but we were not given the drink. Nick again apologized and said he will still put the refund through. After 2 weeks we did not receive a refund so I called. Explained the situation and the employee took down our info and said a store manger would be in on either Tuesday or Wednesday but we never got a call. I decide to call again about a week later and spoke to someone else, she said I was in luck because the store owner was in today. She took my information and said she would have him call me back. The same woman calls back to say they will refund us for the soda we did not receive and give us 10 Moe's points. I said I was promised a refund on my order, so I would like my refund. She understood and said she would call me back and I have heard nothing since. My boyfriend and I enjoy coming into Moe's (definitely will not use the delivery service again) but after this type of service it is rather disappointing and gives us a reason to avoid the place.

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