Moe's Southwest Grillservice/condition of restaurant

Je Oct 01, 2019

My wife and I went to the Waterford location on Monday September 30th. There was no "welcome to moes" greeting as the only visible employee was busy. As we waited, longer than normal, to order I noticed most of the burrito topping containers were empty or close to empty. We finally ordered my wife's burrito and while the employee was making it my wife went to get salsa from the salsa bar. The employee had to refill containers of toppings while making her burrito. At this time I noticed flies landing on her food. My wife returned with no salsa because there wasn't any. At this point I told the employee to stop, we were leaving. He said nothing. Offered no apology. Its a shame. We go to this location several times a month. I doubt we will return.

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