Moe's Southwest Grillirresponsible

Ms Oct 01, 2019

This is a follow-up to my 8-19-19 slip/fall at this location. On 9/16/19, I contacted the manager and district manager of this location, informing them that I had received the ER bill due to the slip/fall I had there. Both managers informed me that they would attend to this matter and that I should forward my bills to a person within the company. I have submitted two bills thus far and have asked that payment for these bills be submitted to me for further action. Bills from the ER and ambulance total approximate $1200. I was told since this was of "the utmost importance, it would be handled with care and urgency." I appreciated that response from them, except that I have not heard from either one of them since that date or received reimbursement for the expenses. To date, I have sent a couple of emails and no response. If the managers think that I'm going to let them get away with not paying for these bills, they are surely mistaken. It is there responsibility to reimburse me for my medical expenses. My last form of communication to them was on 10/1/19. I texted both managers and no-one has had the decency to contact me and inform me what is the status of my medical bills reimbursement. This desirable solution is that Moe's reimburse me for the medical expenses I incurred...Yes, I have kept all the emails I've sent and the responses I've gotten from them. So, Managers, once again, what is the status of your company reimbursing me for the medical bills that you already have in your possession? I response is highly appreciated!

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