Moe's Southwest Grillrice bowl

P Oct 10, 2019

I ordered grub hub, has the rice bowl and queso cheese delivered. I called store and basically was treated horribly. Rather than make it right argue with me. I told them I would not touch it and they could take it back to see it wasn't right. But no just argue with me. So then I reached out to grub hub to complain and the employee lied and said order was correct. Grub hub refused to do anything. I have pics of a rice bowl with no rice or beans as ordered. I have pics of it. Never had a issue at any other moes when ordering on grub hub. Rice bowl below in pic. With no rice bowl. I have ordered this at least 100 times across the United States. I don't appreciate employees lying and being treated as a [censored]. Very unprofessional employees. I want to speak with someone from corporate headquarters regarding the situation and employee. [protected]

Moe's Southwest Grill

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