Moe's Southwest Grillmanager - "mad dog"

S Jan 15, 2020

our family of 4 was at the beginning of the line. I ordered a JC chicken and black beans. The lady who was helping me asked if I wanted white meat or dark meat. I've never been asked that at moe's and was suprised by the question so I questioned the lady on the matter. she stated that they offered white and dark meat. I shared that noone had ever asked me that before, selected the dark meat and thanked her very much for the choice. then proceeded through the line. as I was paying for the meal the manager asked me very calmly to do him a favor and never raise my voice at his staff again. I thought he was joking and asked him just that. he said he wasnt joking and that he heard me from the office.
at that point I saw his name tag said mad dog and realized that there was no sense in talking to him further as he did not even provide his real name. I had them pack up our dinner and he told us that we were welcomed to stay. mad dog is relatively new to that location as we frequented the facility. he read the circumstance wrong and was surely trying to support his staff. we will not be returning as I'm more likely to eat poorly prepared food than yell at a staff member. customer service has historically been great at this facility. the turn over is not becoming. I will no longer eat at or recommend this restaurant for my dining or catering events. please work with mad dog on his ability to manage effectively.

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