Moe's Southwest Grillcustomer service and food

A Oct 08, 2019

I was at your Gainesville, Georgia location on 10/7/2019, when I was about to check out they told me that I needed to down load the app to be able to get my burrito for $5.99. I was not aware of this promotion. I love Moe's specially Moe Monday so I had to pay a full prize for a $5.99 special on Mondays. When I got to seat down and eat my burrito the steak was sooo salty that I wasn't able to eat it. This is the worse customer service I ever had in your location I went to the registered and informed them about the steak being so salty they didn't offer to give me something else just told me that they will notify the manager so what I did, I left my tray with my food at the counter and left the restaurant.. and the employee I was talking to had the nerve to greet me and tell me to come again. I was like REALLY!!!

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