Ministry of Human Resource Development [MHRD]iit bhu

S Aug 18, 2018

I have joined this prestigious institute last month through JEE Advanced, after coming here I can see this institute doesn't look a like an institute of national importance, It seriously lacks in cleanliness level .
1).We can see 'cows and dogs roaming around the campus, hostels, departments 'they do anything they want and' seriously litter anywhere'
2).As the institute is open to all, many people just roam around with their bicycles, cycles and rickshaws, they just' eat pan and spit in road', we can also sometimes see them' urinating in the campus'

These things bring shame to me, I no longer feel proud of saying I am from 'IIT', these are just basic things which institute fail to fulfill
It not at all supports government' Swatch Bharat Abhiyan'
I am attaching some pictures

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