Milk & Choco Refunda dress which I received in a 3 smaller sizes and with a really disgusting material.

A Jul 04, 2018 Review updated:

Around the 5th June I have order a beautiful dress, at least it looked like beautiful and reading the reviews which I think that are fake, seems that everything was perfect.
Buying the dress for €43 incl the priority to receive the dress on time for the wedding party, I also stated thet I needed to receive it by the 14/15th.
I received the dress on the 22nd and that means that I had to buy another one from a local shop but that is ok as I understand that sometimes the post from China takes much longer.
The problem is here. On the 22nd June I finally received the dress. I opened it and found out that the material of the dress is horrible for the amount I have paid and the size was not matching the one I have ordered. I was really disappointed.
The day after I made a complaint with the company by sending an email which I have never receive any feedback.
I gave around 2 weeks time to the the company so that may be can answer me back.
Yesterday I ve tried my luck and I received an answer from them stating that I should have already received the dress and that they were going to send me back the tracking number. Unbelievable!!!
Answering back to that email I stated that the previous email I was referring is the one with compaint .
From then I didn't receive anything else.

I am really disappointed about this company. It's a fake company which also write reviews on their behalf so that customers believe that they are a serious. This should STOP! as soon as possible.
The other thing I have notice is that you can not pay with PayPal but only with credit card. Now I understand why they do accept payment only with visas so you wont complaint with paypal.

If there is someone who can help me with this matter I would really appreciate.

Thank you
Best regards


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