Michael Hill Internationalrefusal to provide copies of purchased appraisal and lifetime warranty

Over a few months we purchased (4) pieces of jewelery from Michael Hill.
The engagement ring and wedding band was purchased with a lifetime warranty and full appraisal. Total of $390.30 for the warranty and appraisal. Now that this location is closed, I called the headquarters in Australia to get a copy of these.
No one will assist and no one returns phone calls.
I have my receipts and all necessary papers showing I paid for these documents.
These should be available at their headquarters in Australia...even if the U.S. stores are closed!
If not, I'd like my $390.30 refunded to me promptly!!
Seems they are folding up shop and taking everyone's money with them!! I guess there won't be any "lifetime" warranty...horrible!
Thank you!

Michael Hill International

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your feedback and we do apologise for the delayed response and experience that you have had.
    So we can assist further could you send through an email to [protected]
    Kind regards

Oct 06, 2019

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