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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a very frustrated metrorail commuter who is at the end of her tether. I am sick and tired of the Northern lines being cancelled and delayed by an hour sometimes!! Is it because we come from farm dominated arrears??? Is it because we are not as important as the southern suburbs folk???? That line hardly ever has delays or cancellations!!!

I have been commuting for many a years and have slowly but surely noted the deterioration of the services which is more commonly used than buses and taxi’s. It sickens me to think that we, the commuters concerns, are not seen and taken to heart as change happens but not for the better. It just gets worst and worst.

If you’re not being squashed to near death because of overcrowding, your being issued warnings at work for constantly coming late due to the trains being cancelled and then the next one is delayed due to technical reasons. Peoples lives are put in danger due to your inefficiency, and believe me when I tell you that the bosses just don’t care much for that piece of paper you scribble on.

In fact, it’s so bad that I have begun to ask myself, “who contributes to the economy of this country” Now you might ask yourself, where is this going? Let me tell you where;

1. When the soccer world cup came, did we have any trains cancelled? No!!!
2. When the soccer world cup came, were there overcrowded trains? No!!!
3. When the soccer world cup came, were there train delays? No!!!
4. When the soccer world cup came, did we have dirty trains? No!!!
5. When the soccer world cup came, did we have to worry about muggings or robbing on the trains? No!!!

Now the world cup is gone and things are worst than it was before!! The people left behind are us, the people who are suffering while the foreigners had all the luxury!!! Is that fair? We need to explain to irate bosses why we are late. We arrive late for our childrens concerts and parent meetings!!!

Are the foreigners more important than we are?? So what if they brought in foreign currency??? Why was it not used constructively??? Why do we who feed this economy have to suffer because of your incompetence???

I’ve had it I tell you!! I’ll be sending this to all and sundry. I’ll even open up a web page with all the pictures as evidence if you like. Third Degree’s Debra Patter, Hello Peter, Minister of transportation, Minister of public works are only a few of the people who I’ll be sending this to and I’ll continue to due so and post it in all news papers on a daily basis until it is taken seriously!!!

Now ask yourself again, who feeds this countries economy!!!
Your service is pathetic to say the least!!!


  • Po
    Pormallen Sep 09, 2010

    My gardener travels from Kuils River to my place virtually every Saturday. The ticket office guy recognises him. Last week my gardener arrived as usual at the Kuils River station at 06h25, in good time to catch the Belville bound train at 06h33.

    The ticket office guy looked at him and ignored him, knowing full well that there was only one train that morning to Belville. At 06h31, he finally served my gardener, took his money, handed over the ticket, retained over R5 change, and disappeared.

    As my gardener turned around, he saw the 06h33 train departing from the station. He tried to gain a refund for the ticket, and he was again ignored. He was forced to use a taxi. He lost the price of the ticket and more than R5 cash to the theif at the ticket office in Kuild River station.

    Thank you for robbing an innocent law abiding young man of what is to him a lot of money! You are incorrigable!

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  • An
    angel48 Oct 26, 2011

    I just got home from the said place in Ajman. I paid AED200. I wish I have made a search first. But what to search for, no company name. This is for sure then that I won't receive a call nor a job at all!!! :-( Guys, everyone, I think we should go to Dubai Police and let them come with us to Ajman.

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  • Bj
    bjac Jun 24, 2014

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    I am shocked at the services we receive from Metrorail.

    Every day the trains are delayed and cancelled, like really now.

    We get on the stations to get the earlier train as our normal train that we usually take is either cancelled or delayed but, when we get on the station the earlier train is delayed or cancelled as well and this is PATHETIC.

    Even the ticket office on the station, the people are so slow to help their customers, I understand that everyone is very much tired in the morning but, to be so slow is RIDICULOUS.

    Everyone works very hard to pay for the roof over their families heads and to put food on the tables, how can we do this if the trains are always delayed or cancelled. We get warnings for being late and money gets deducted for the period of times that we late and people gets fired as well and I don’t think this is fare to any of your customers.

    In the evenings the trains are cancelled or delayed as well, we have children that needs to be picked up at a certain time, if we do not pick them up at a certain time we get fined, where on earth can we still afford to pay late fines. This is just ### and ya’ll needs to sort out your trains immediately as this problem is going on for too long.

    Ya’ll are quick to push up the prices of the train tickets, to fine people for driving in 1st class with a 3rd class ticket and to ask and check tickets but, have ya’ll ever think how far those people have to run and to walk to get the first train not to be late for work.


    I’m not a fan of COSATU, however I fully support their cause.


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  • Ma
    Mashnoena Jun 22, 2018

    Good morning

    This morning I was in the Cape Flats line in the carriage there were people running due to metro rail having conductors on the train requesting train tickets. The female overweight metro rail officer forcefully grabbed one the commuters who never had a ticket and was extremely rude . She them came over to our carriage and request everyone shows there ticket i gladly showed her mine and told her you want to check tickets and trains is late every day and informed her there is no lights on lansdowne station we are currently being robbed her words to be was shouting in my face i will not help you i also get robbed . I find that rude is this the type of workers Metrorial hires disgusting. I will make sure that i get a photo of this metro rail worker and post as i want to expose her rude behavior.

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  • Ve
    Verita Lesar Apr 16, 2019

    The Subway stsy flooding making it inconvenient for commuters to travel. Commuters complaining about the fare being increased but the conditions is atrocious for travelling .

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  • St
    Stanley adams Jul 13, 2019

    To build train lines o to of highway N2 the N1 and baddenbowell roads towards muizeberg and Cape town to avoid traffic congestion

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