Menardsproduct pricing on shelf different than at register


On October 25, 2017 at approximately 7PM, I was shopping at 2700 Lake Cook Rd, Long Grove, IL 60047 location. On that specific day I came to the location to purchase tool chest made by Perfomax, an item I watched for several days before, and I thought that price of $249 is adequate.
I was immediately assisted by one of Menards employee, to make sure the price is of what it shows, and I ask the employee to assist me with the purchase process.
The assisting Menards personnel, could not locate the boxed item, even though, the store stock was additional 3. We spent approximately 30-40 minutes, going from Manager to Assistant Manager to assure the item is still available and is for sale.
in addition I had attempted to scan the shelf item barcode with Menards App, however, it did not work for me as well as the Menards personnel.
Finally, when the item got located and brought in front of register, the price did not match the item on the shelf. The significance difference was $199.00.
I asked the clerk why, and of course she could not answer it.
I immediately requested to speak to Manager, however, the Store Manager is too important to see the local customer who spends tons of money every year, and he sent his assistant Omar.
Omar, was the type of person who's terminally customer satisfaction oriented and stated "you wanna buy it, it's fine if not I will take it back on shelf".
I was shocked with this kind of approach. I asked why this price deviates from the price on the shelf he stated, "I don't know" and continuing his arrogant ignorance, turned back on me and walked away.
I requested to speak to his superior but after 40 minutes waiting, I gave up and left the store.
On the same day I paid off my Menards Credit Card and promised my self to never again shop in Menards.

Just as a prove of this I took a video and couple of pictures of this mis-priced item.
I hope the Menards Headquarter will have better idea of how to solve this issue and will take care of his long time customer. (or maybe not)

If you feel like you would like you have suggestion please contact me at [protected]- Mark markmargiel. [protected]

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