Memorial Hermann Health Systemneglect/quick to judge/denied proper care by dr.

J Aug 01, 2019

After waiting 5 plus hours n the er waiting room w immense pain & nausea I was eased by the amazing care of the er dr & nurse as well as a student nurse n the er room i was put n. I was told i had multiple kidney stones & that my blood levels were off & being it was middle of the night they admitted me into the hospital. Through out the night i received pain management to help pain from stones & to lower my extreme high blood pressure which was more than likely from pain. i was poked multiple times during night n hopes my blood levels would level out but that was not the case. Early n the morning i was notified by er dr who actually took the time to come check on me on his way out that the gi dr would b coming to evaluate me later on. A few hours later i rang the nurse to assist me w pain medicine & she said she would b right back. When she returned she was w a dr jerry lee Thurman jr who stated that he discontinued my pain medicine & processed to tell me that the amount of pain medicine i was receiving was way to high & that where my stones r i shouldn't have pain & made comments as to he's had kidney stones before & passed them w no medicine, which is great for him but i am not him. as i tried telling him my background & y that much pain medication is necessary he simply looked at the nurse & laughed n which she laughed too. He then questioned y i was there making me feel as if i was some "drug seeker" & ended conversation by saying nothing is wrong w me. Not once did he allow me to speak or suggest that if he thought i was a "drug seeker" then by all means check my urine upon arrival which would show no drugs whatsoever were n my system. He immediately discharged me which left me feeling neglected, scared & n search of transportation home. My discharge papers were handed to me & they left room, (no pain prescription was given nor was a prescription for the extremely high blood pressure i repeatedly was having) As i waited for my ride another dr entered into my room & stated that she was w the gi dr who would like to do a procedure ASAP & that it was needed ASAP since as of this morning my blood levels were still very much off & that blood was found n my urine & stool. I told her i had been discharged & she became very upset & said that she notified dr Thurman jr that the gi dr wanted to examine me but apparently dr Thurman jr had other plans & that was sending me out the door. Dr jerry lee Thurman jr not only jumped to conclusions, he profiled me on the fact of pain meds i was receiving while n a controlled environment & w only a look at me discharged me & failed to service me w care as the law requires a medical healthcare professional do. I am at another hospital now w proper care & understanding, however, i will b filing a complaint against dr jerry lee Thurman jr w the board of Southeast Memorial Hospital along w complaint against his dr number n hopes he reverts his medical authority as care giver & takes time to remember y he chose to become a doctor to begin w!

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