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K Dec 10, 2018

I have been living at Whitehall Manor for nearly 5 years. We have gone through a few management companies. MEM is by far the worse yet! My payments are submitted on time and cashed and then I'm receiving late notice fees and I have to constantly show proof I've paid. Our property looks terrible. We have trees that were destroyed last March in the storms and they should be removed. Instead - they have half chopped them down so they look like sticks in the ground. Really ridiculous looking. We have a board member that runs the community like a dictator. We don't have our driveways cleaned from snow - but we have lights put on trees and a Diwali celebration that was paid for out of community funds. I don't know what Diwali is and I can assure you that as long as I am alive - I will never want to know what Diwali is. I don't think this is something the entire community should be paying for. The Friday of Memorial Day we were notified that our pool wasn't going to be opening until July for unseen reasons. Well if you had eyes - you would have noticed the issues the prior summer. The tiles were literally falling off the sides of the walls of the pool. If the view from the pool wasn't bad enough from high tension wires - now we have this ridiculous shed to look at. I heard it was purchased with our funds and isn't even big enough to store anything - so I don't know what the purpose of this eye sore was. We have a lawsuit initiated by our idiot board member against past board members. He's lost this suit and just keeps appealing it with our money. I don't even know what the gain is - but I'm sure we have spent well over $200, 000 and its still continuing to date. We have unsecure monies - that's rights ladies and gentlemen our idiot board member and MEM think its wise to have our money unsecured in bank. We have neighbors who park in the fire zones. I've complained numerous times to MEM - to no avail. Every morning I have to be careful not to his this van. And my neighbor is nice enough to slam the doors on his van every morning starting at 5 a.m. causing me not to be able to sleep in my master bedroom. I had a neighbor on the side of me growing vegetable plants on his deck. Then he was nice enough to move them and keep in his garage. You can only imagine driving up to that mess every night. Our bylaws state no growing of vegetable plants. I complained numerous times to no avail and had bugs in my garage I had to deal with - plus the view of the plants. I was asked numerous times from others was it marijuana. How exciting is that! I finally had to ask the owner to have this tenant removed. MEM and board did nothing. If we complain about our board member or MEM - then MEM sends out some stupid ALERT email about vandalism to reflect off all the truths we put out there. There is no vandalism in our community. Our board member states that someone is going around knocking down lamp posts when in reality the lamp posts are old, not made very well, the weather beats them up. The only resident I've ever seen near the lamp posts is our stupid board member.

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