Contacted pharmacy on Oct 2nd to renew 3 prescriptions. Was informed there was no refill selected option where they would contact the physician to arrange refill. We called the physician's office the following day to confirm the medications had been renewed. They had not been contacted by Meijer, so we requested they renew at the Plainfield pharmacy, which they did. We then contacted the pharmacy the following day to see if they were ready. We were informed they would not renew them as it was too soon after the previous medications even though that was 90 days prior. After much confusion on the part of the pharmacist, he stated that 2 of the medications had been filled and the computer had messed up the renewal date due to the new program that would auto renew. However he could not find the 3rd medication, which was on which could not have skipped doses. We called our physician at home to explain the mix up. The physician recalled in the medication which was confirmed by the physician to us that is was called in again.
Upon arrival at the pharmacy on Sun, Oct 6, the medication was not ready and we were told to contact the doctor the following day. We insisted they look again, as we knew there was not a problem on the physician end. We were treated rudely. They kept saying it wasn't their fault it was the computer's fault, we were asked to step aside so they could assist others (2 of which were having similar experiences). They blamed it on computers, short staffing, etc. Not their fault.
Well guess what? Meijer will never ever fill another one of our prescriptions. Tired of lame excuses and rude employees who are inept at their jobs.
Thanks for a terrible experience. My suggestions is to send someone to Wegmans in New York to see how a real store is run.

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